What Rangefinder Does The Military Use

We all have a fair idea of how a rangefinder works and of course how the military works.

If you are a rangefinder enthusiast, then you must have wondered the type of high-end rangefinder the military uses and I bet you must have been slightly intimidated by the idea of it.

In this short article, we are going to look at what the rangefinders used by the militia is all about.

Importance of Rangefinder in The Military

The importance of rangefinders in the military cannot be overemphasized, soldiers require perfect precision, this could even be a matter of life or death for them. They use rangefinders for various activities including, patrol, targeting and aiming, and combat.

What Rangefinder does The Military Use

What Rangefinder does the Military Use

The rangefinder most commonly used by the military is the laser rangefinder. The laser rangefinder uses the mechanism of quickly shot out laser beams to measure the distance between the soldier and a specific target.

Laser rangefinders function across a wide array of activities that are needed in the military and they are easy to care for, easy to access, and use.

The laser rangefinder sends out a laser beam at the push of a button, the laser beam darts to the target and bounces back to the rangefinder.

The device determines the distance by calculating the time it takes for the laser beam to travel to and fro the laser rangefinder.

Every rangefinder has a maximum and minimum range they can function within without the possibility of range error, the laser rangefinder is no different.

The kinds of rangefinders used by the military could either be fixed or mounted on their weapons or used freehand.

Remember I said the militia is popularly known to use laser rangefinders, well let me reiterate, the military uses the kind of rangefinder that is best suited for the occasion and the environment.

For example, on land, we all know they popularly use laser rangefinders. However, there are different types of rangefinders and they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

The laser rangefinder cannot function properly underwater, like in the submarine. This is when the ultrasonic rangefinder that uses soundwaves to measure its distance.

Some users may want to argue that some models of laser rangefinders function are built for underwater and function well there, while this may be true.

Ultrasonic rangefinders would also function well in this case and keep in mind that the activities of the military are very versatile and wide-ranged. Some common favorites of the military include some models of laser riflescopes, hunting binocular rangefinders, and tactical riflescope rangefinders.

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