Does the Sightmark Wraith have a Rangefinder

Sight mark is a company that is widely known for making one of the best riflescopes around the world, however, they are well known for being among the top best riflescope to use after dark.

The sight mark wraith is one of their top tier products that was specifically made to be a vision scope for the nighttime. The sight mark wraith has great visibility at night, it has a pretty high-resolution sensor, and it is very sensitive.

The sight mark wraith is great for visualizing and shooting at night but it also works perfectly fine when visualizing and shooting in the daytime as well.

It is widely used for hunting, tactics and scoping, digital NV, mid-range detection, varmint control, scouting, and surveying.

This riflescope has a wide magnification capacity of 3-32x and it has a FOV or a field of view of 100 yards or 31.5 feet.

Does the Sightmark Wraith have a Rangefinder

Does the Sightmark Wraith have a Rangefinder

The sight mark wraith has a modifiable stadia-metric rangefinder, one-shot zero, and a video and audio recorder.

Sight mark put in a lot into making this vision scope a high tech and efficiently varied model.

It has a night and day color mode; the full-color HD for daytime, the black and white for nighttime vision, and the green-black night time vision mode.               

I have said a lot but to answer the question of this article in really simple terms, does the sight mark wraith have a rangefinder? Of course, it has a rangefinder, in fact, the sight mark wraith is a 4-32x50mm digital riflescope.

The wraith has ten different reticular options and about nine color options that are adjustable to the optic options to suit any number of environments.

Its wide range and magnification abilities are perfectly suited for hunting and shooting a wide range of distance. It offers a perfect precision shot up to 200 yards, and the nighttime mode is enhanced by a detachable 850nm IR illuminator or flashlight.

The IR illuminator offers improved images in the nighttime mode and improved precision in the dark. Outside the magnification feature, it also has a digital zooming feature of 1-8x, it is water-resistant and shockproof.

This amazing riflescope is easy to use and very easy to adjust and maneuver with the button navigations. It has accessories like the Picatinny mount, a daytime lens filter, and an objective lens cover from the manufactured design model.

The wraith costs about a thousand dollars and some models of the wraith even cost below that but they still offer top-notch value for your money.   

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