What Rangefinder does Phil Mickelson Use

Phil Mickelson is a professional American golfer; he is also commonly called Lefty. He has won 6 major championships and 45 PGA Tour events.

He is well known and respected across the globe, he is among the only seventeen players in golf history to have won 3 out of the 4 majors. He won every single major except for the U.S. Open where he came out as the first runner-up.  

Is The PGA Championship Allowing Rangefinders   

An announcement was released in May 2021 that stated that professional golfers and the caddies with them are permitted to use rangefinders.

The permission also extends to majors and any other competition that is endorsed by the Professional Golfers Association or PGA.

Although, the functional use of the rangefinder itself is limited to just measuring distances alone.

And as you must know, rangefinders can do much more than that, rangefinders can account for the sloppy or elevated nature of a golf course, estimate the best swing a golfer should take, and even recommend the best club in real-time.       

What Rangefinder Do The Pros Use

Many golf fans and rangefinder users have shown an interest in the kind of rangefinder used by Phil Mickelson.

It is important to note that after pro golfers were permitted to use rangefinders, a lot of them showed deference to the Bushnell rangefinder brand.

As a matter of fact, the American Junior Golf Association named Bushnell Golf their official golf rangefinder. They signed a 3 years’ partnership with Bushnell and to date, the brand is used by about 99 percent of golf professional players.

It has quickly grown to be very trusted and relied upon. The Bushnell brand itself offers a varied number of rangefinder models that are both efficient and golf performance-enhancing.

Outside the AJGA, a lot of pro golfers lean more towards using the Bushnell golf rangefinder. Although this is not to in any way implying that golfers cannot or do not use other brands of rangefinders that they deem as efficient and helpful.      

What Rangefinder Does Phil Mickelson Use

What Rangefinder Does Phil Mickelson Use

Now that we understand why golf pros use the rangefinder brand that they do, let us talk about the specific type of rangefinder that Phil Mickelson uses for his professional golfing – the Bushnell Hybrid Laser and GPS rangefinder.  

Phil uses this rangefinder because it is a state-of-the-art tech advancement compressed into a small box to improve a pro golfer’s game by providing accurate distance measurement in the course.   

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Bushnell Hybrid Laser & GPS Rangefinder

Bushnell Hybrid Golf Laser Rangefinder

The Bushnell Hybrid is equipped with the latest technology that includes the laser mechanism and GPS that is applied towards producing the best accuracy and a very fast yardage reading.

The distance to the pin in the course is measured and shown on the LCD. The GPS feature of the rangefinder also shows the back, center, and front yardage on the LCD.

The GPS front, center, and back yardage can be read outside the laser; this amazing feature helps a great deal with better club selection while the game is not yet active.                   

This model is the first rangefinder to integrate a laser and the GPS display as a return reading, it uses two battery types for the two core functionality; laser and GPS.

The GPS uses the USB and the laser uses a CR2 battery. It has a range capacity of up to 1 – 450 yards and can be used across over 36,000 golf courses by simply reloading the device. It is a pin seeker with a JOLT Technology.    

For over 20 years, Bushnell has been one of the leading tech innovative companies that manufacture golfing measurement devices.

The hybrid integration is an innovative device that has great precision, and the GPS incorporated front and back reading makes it even better for golfers.

The accuracy and precision of this rangefinder are amazing, do you still wonder why pro golfers use this device?

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