What Archery Rangefinder does John Dudley Use – Know the Secret!

John Dudley is a professional American Archer, he has been into professional archery for over thirty years and he started archery as a means of hunting wild games for his family. He won a bronze medal in the 2006 World Field Archery Championship.

John started hunting from the age of 10 in his hometown in Mississippi, he grew up to love hunting games like deer and turkey but he eventually grew to start hunting bigger games. He wanted to get better as a hunter, so he started with target archery in competitions.

John Dudley became a professional archer in 1997 and he went ahead to compete in hundreds of pro archery competitions and events around the world.

He has also served on several professional exclusive teams including Easton, Trophy Taker, Carter Enterprises, Field Logic, Arizona Archery, Realtree, Winners Choice, and Hoyt.

John Dudley has won several medals representing the U.S. Archery Team. Some of his wins include; the U.S. Open Silver Medalist, the U.S. Open Gold Medal Team, AZ International Gold Medalist, British National Indoor Champion, and NABH National Champion, and many others.                   

Now let’s talk a bit about archery; Archery is a sport or a skill that requires the use of a bow and arrows. A person who is skilled in the sport of archery is known as an archer or a bowman.

Archery as a skill is predominantly used for hunting or combat fighting. But some people participate in archery as a recreational sport or activity.

When an archer or a bowman becomes exceptionally good in archery and are generally considered experts in the field, they are officially called a ‘Marksman’.

What Rangefinder does John Dudley Use

How Rangefinder Helps in Archery

Rangefinders are incredibly useful to archers and improving their aim both as marksmen or hunters. The rangefinders give them a better idea of the distance to the target they have to shoot their arrows at.

The rangefinders help them measure the distance to the target and it also accounts for the projectile motion of the arrow. A basic rangefinder is also supposed to account for the position of the marksman/bowman/archer, the topography of the environment, and any other external features like rocks, trees, wind, etc.    

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What Rangefinder does John Dudley Use

Even as one of the best archers in the world, John Dudley also employs the assistance of rangefinders and binoculars, in this article we will talk a bit about the type of rangefinder he uses and we would also look at the features of his chosen rangefinder.

John does not particularly use any one specific type of rangefinder but we are quite sure amongst his collection lies one of the best rangefinders for archery – the Nikon Monarch 2000.

Nikon Monarch 2000 – John Dudley Archery Rangefinder

Nikon Monarch 2000

The Nikon Monarch 2000 is one of the best rangefinders for hunting because of its excellent consideration for the hunter’s position.

It is popularly used for hunting from a treetop because of its great treetop ranging. It has an excellent declined and inclined measurement feature that can measure distances accurately from varied shooting angles.

It has a ranging capacity of up to 2000 yards and a minimum range of 8 yards. This device works great with bows and guns, it has a precision of an average of ½ yards and provides really fast readings.

It can be used under several circumstances and conditions, especially in the wild. It is resistant to internal fogging, water, and thermal heat. It can be used in a rough environment and wet conditions like on rainy days.  

Sig Sauer Kilo 2000

Another rangefinder that could be in his collection is the Sig Sauer Kilo 2000, this rangefinder has one of the best magnification out there. It ranges shorter distances compared to the Monarch 2000, it ranges between 5-2000 yards and it provides very accurate and fast reading for the hunter. It is light, waterproof, and efficient.         

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