What Rangefinder Does Tiger Woods Use – Know the Secret?

For a very long time, the use of rangefinders was prohibited in professional golfing but around May 2021, the ban was lifted to a large extent.

Professional golfers and even their caddies can use rangefinders but the functionality of the rangefinder is strictly regulated.

For example, they can only be used to measure distance on an active game, they cannot be used to select a suitable club during an active game and the elevation or slope measurement of the course should not be activated.

There are some other regulations but for the purpose of this article, we are going to stick with the basics. Now let’s talk about Tiger Woods.

What Rangefinder Does Tiger Woods Use

Who is Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is an American Professional Golf Player with several golfing records, he’s one of the two most highly ranked people to have won the official monies from the PGA tour.

The PGA also stands for the Professional Golfers Association; Tiger Woods has won the tour 82 times. He ranks second on the Men’s Major Championship and he is quite often seen as the greatest golfer of our time.

He also has the fame to go along with it; he was even chosen as the World Golf Hall of Fame. He turned pro at an impressive age of 20, and in 1997, less than a year after he turned pro, he was number one in the world.

The PGA and the AJGA or the American Junior Golf Association now allows their pro golfers to use the rangefinder device to measure the distance, even NCAA golfers can use them.

Some critics mentioned that golfers have been eyeballing their distances for as long as they can remember and the rangefinder could cause some form of bias. But the criticism was curbed by the regulation and rules placed on the device during a professional game.

What Rangefinder Does Tiger Woods Use         

Over 99% of professional golfers use Bushnell golf during their games and even Tiger Woods has mostly been riddled with injuries and surgeries.

He has taken several breaks and time away from playing because of this and he has not played professionally since 2019.

He had another accident in February 2021, but if almost every professional player uses the Bushnell Golf Rangefinder, then Tiger Woods uses the Bushnell Golf model as well.

AJGA signed the Bushnell Golf rangefinder brand as the official brand for their golfers. Golfers are more inclined to lean towards this rangefinder because of its precision and accuracy.

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Why Bushnell Hybrid Golf Laser Rangefinder is so Famous

Do Tiger Woods use Bushnell Hybrid Golf Laser Rangefinder

The Bushnell model used by pro golfers is the first of its kind, a hybrid equipped with a golf laser rangefinder and GPS, the device is called the Hybrid Golf Laser Rangefinder and GPS.

It is the world’s first hybrid rangefinder that is also equipped with an LCD. It has two battery or energy sources; that is USB for GPS and CR2 for Laser. It has a ranging capacity of 1-400 yards and it is a pin seeker equipped with JOLT technology.

The accuracy and precision of this device are unmatched and this is among the reasons it is the first choice for pro golfers. This is why the Bushnell rangefinders are so expensive also.

Another reason is because of the superior functionality of the Hybrid; the GPS feature provides the golfer with the front, back, and center yardage or distance on the LCD, while the laser provides accuracy and precision.

Coupled together, the device is unrivaled in the world to date. Bushnell is the first manufacturer to produce a Hybrid device like this. It has a reloading function that can work across 36,000 golf courses.

The device is impervious to heat and water, it can be used during rainy days or sunny days. The rangefinder can measure and account for the sloppy topography of a golf course and still provide an accurate reading. Although, this feature is prohibited in professional golfing.

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