Best Affordable Rangefinders – Reviews & Top Picks

It would not be an exaggeration to say that rangefinder plays a very significant role in the day to day life of a golfer or hunter. It provides us the exact distance of the target. Hence helps a lot to choose the right club in golf or accessories in hunting.

Best Affordable Rangefinders

Best Affordable rangefinders review

Previously the rangefinders were expensive. But the advancement in science and technology has made this device more affordable nowadays. You can get many RFs which are cheap as well as highly efficient. In this article, I am going to discuss top 7 best affordable rangefinders available on the market  for both golf and hunting.

Halo Hunting Rangefinders – Best Affordable Rangefinder For Bow Hunting

Halo Hunting Rangefinders - Best Affordable RF for Bow Hunting

The rangefinders from Halo are good enough now a days for their awesome features in affordable price range. The two models XL450 and XI500 come under $100 with a range of 450 yards and 500 yards respectively. In bow hunting this range is good to go.

If you are looking for a higher range, then Halo provides two more rangefinders with a range up to 1600 yards and 2000 yards respectively. These two RFs are under $300. Hence it may become a very good deal for you.

The XL450 is an affordable one for beginners, I guess. So let’s see some basic features of this rangefinder.

This RF comes with 6X magnification power with a range of upto 450 yards as the name says. It also comes with advanced angle intelligence technology, which is very useful in bow hunting. Can you imagine this awesome feature is under $100?

The san mode also allows you to measure the distance of multiple targets at the same time with an accuracy of +1/-1 yards with a one click of the button.

This rangefinder is equipped with class 3A laser which consumes not more than 5mW power, supplied by CR2 batteries. This much capacity is excellent in this price segment.


  • Advanced intelligent angle technology is included.
  • One CR2 battery is also included.
  • Scan mode is available with multiple target focusing.
  • Item weight is only 7.2 ounces(shipping weight)

Pros & Cons

  • Cheap price
  • Battery included
  • Angle compensation technology combined
  • Light weight to carry
  • Range is very less

Gogogo Rangefinders – Best Affordable Rangefinder Under $100 For Both Golf And Hunting

Gogogo Rangefinders – Best Affordable Rangefinder Under $100 for both golf and hunting

This is one of the best affordable rangefinders under $100. All the awesome features are available in this RF. This rangefinder comes with advanced angle range compensation technology which is the most needed feature for both golf and hunting.

Other features like pin seeking and flag lock are also equipped in this rangefinder. All these awesome features are under $100. For this reason this is one of the best affordable rangefinders available in the market.

The rangefinder comes in two models from the company. The features are same but difference is the range. One has the range upto 650 yards and other has the range upto 1200 yards. But surprisingly both are available under $100. Both of the rangefinder has 6X magnification power and has an accuracy of +/- 1 m.

If you are in a tide budget then you can simply go for this. This rangefinder is good for both golf and hunting. You can measure distance in both yards and meters, whichever suits you.

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  • Comes with 6X magnification
  • Multicoated optic lens help a lot to provide you clear image of your target.
  • 1 CR2 battery, cleaning cloth, carrying pouch all are included
  • Ranges up to 650 yards/1200 yards.
  • The weight of this item is 184 grams.

Pros & Cons

  • Angle compensation combined
  • Flag-lock technology is also implemented
  • Low battery indicator
  • Cheap price
  • Lightweight
  • Some users faced battery problem

TecTecTec ULT-X – Best Affordable Golf Rangefinder

TecTecTec ULT-X – Best Affordable golf Rangefinder

If your budget is around $250-$300 then you can simply go for it without further researching. This rangefinder is best for golf users. This rangefinder comes with all the advanced technology required for this purpose.

The rangefinder has a range upto 100 yards with an accuracy from+/- 0.3 to +/- 1 yards. The accuracy varies with the range. But this range is more than required in golf. It may be the best deal for serious golfers.

The slope technology is also included which is the most needed one in golf. This helps to measure accurate distance even in hilly areas. Hence helps to pick up the right club to beat the distance.

The advanced flag-locking technology is also here. You will never miss the flag again after purchasing it. The 6x magnification power is also good to go.

This uses high quality lasers, you can get accurate distance as much as possible. The scan mode also gives you instant measurements for various targets.

This is also rainproof and moisture resistant; suitable for all weathers. You can carry it wherever you want. This RF comes with microfiber cleaning cloths, CR2 battery, carrying pouch, strap, manual and obviously 24 months warranty with lifetime customer support.

Almost every customer is happy with this purchase.


  • Comes with 6X magnification power.
  • Scan mode scans multiple targets simultaneously.
  • The weight is only 1.2 pounds(shipping weight).
  • Comes with slope switch technology.

Pros & Cons

  • Angle compensation technology.
  • Advanced scan mode
  • 24 months warranty
  • Water resistant
  • Non-rechargeable battery

Leupold RX-650 Micro Laser Rangefinder

Leupold RX-650 Micro Laser Rangefinder

As the name says this rangefinder can measure distance up to 650 yards. Sometimes it can show distances more than 650 yards but to get the get the maximum accuracy; you can use it for distances up to 650 yards.

This rangefinder maybe good for hunting but it is not good for golf as most of the buyers have said this. The waterproof and fog resistant body has made this perfect for hunting. It can give you accurate results even in extreme weather conditions. Many of the users have said that this rangefinder is not having in built angle compensation Technology.

Also the flag-lock technology is not there. This technology is very important in golf to lock the target even it is also important in hunting also. This rangefinder has 6X magnification power that means you can see the objects 6 times larger than your naked eyes. The hand grip is very easy to hold. This rangefinder is operated by a CR2 battery.

This rangefinder comes with the lifetime warranty. This warranty does not needed ownership verification certificate to be claimed. The company gives priority to the users. So their customer support is very good. After buying this rangefinder this, it would not be a problem for you. The company is ready to help you for any kind of problems regarding the rangefinder.


  • Comes with 6X magnification power.
  • Ranges up to 650 yards
  • Operated by a CR2 battery
  • The objective lens diameter is 20 mm.

Pros & Cons

  • Case is included.
  • Light weight.
  • Good grip.
  • Water resistant body.
  • Slope compensation technology is not there.
  • Non-rechargeable battery.

Redfield Raider 650A Angle Laser Rangefinder

Redfield Raider 650A Angle Laser Rangefinder

This rangefinder also has a range up to 650 yards and comes with a 6x magnification power. You can use this range finder in golf or even in hunting also. But the slope compensation technology and the flag lock technology are not included here. The grip of this rangefinder is very easy to hold it. It is also light weight and compact. So you can easily carry it anywhere you want. If only measuring the range is your primary goal then you can simply go for it.

It is all weather proof so you can use it in extreme weather conditions also. it is operated by a CR2 battery that is included.

The slope compensation technology is not combined here. For this reason you may fall in trouble if you are going to use this in golf as in hilly areas it will not give you accurate distance.


  • Ranges up to 650 yards
  • Comes with 6X magnification power

Pros & Cons

  • Weatherproof
  • Battery included
  • Slope compensation technology is not used here.

Precision Pro Golf, NX7 Pro Slope Golf Rangefinder

Precision Pro Golf, NX7 Pro Slope Golf Rangefinder

First of all the design is awesome. These rangefinders have a measuring range up to 400 yards and this is perfect for golf. All the advanced Technologies required in golf are combined here.

The advanced slope compensation technology is very useful in golf and this comes with the rangefinder. This technology helps a lot in hilly areas to get the accurate distance after angle compensation. Hence it is very useful to choose the perfect club for that distance. The advanced flag-lock technology is also included in this range finder.

After you lock the flag it will show you the distance.  The grip is also very good. This rangefinder comes with a CR2 battery which is included in this pack. You will also get a cleaning cloth and lifetime battery replacement warranty with this product. This product also comes with a 2 year warranty.

This rangefinder gives you a very accurate result hence this is very useful in golf and many golf players are using it now for its unique features . The water resistant body is also helpful to keep it safe in extremely weather conditions also. This rangefinder comes with a premium hard carrying case this protects the range finder in extreme conditions.

The rangefinder also comes with the pulse vibration technology that means when you’re locked with the target it will give you a vibration after measuring the distance. This RF has a magnification power of 6X with plus minus one yard accuracy. This can measure the distance in both yards and meters.


  • Measuring range is up to 400 yards
  • Comes with 6X magnification power
  • It has an accuracy of +/-1 yards
  • Operated by 3V CR2 battery

Pros & Cons

  • Water and fog resistant body
  • Awesome look
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Precise measurement
  • Slope compensation technology included
  • Non-rechargeable battery

Bushnell Laser Rangefinder Bone Collector Cam 202208

Bushnell Laser Rangefinder Bone Collector Cam 202208

This rangefinder is perfect for hunting. It can measure the distance up to 600 yards with 4x magnification power and it has an accuracy of +/ -1 yards. So you can see this rangefinder is very useful for hunting .

The design is also created for Hunters. the lightweight and compact design is awesome and this has made the rangefinder a perfect piece to carry in your pocket . Also the laser used in this range finder consumes very low power like it consumes less than 1mili watt power . The lens is also so very good .

The rugged design and waterproof body make it to carry anywhere even in extreme conditions also. These features have made this range find the very perfect for Hunters. If your budget is less than 150 dollars you can simply go for it. This will be a perfect deal for hunting.


  • Measuring range up to 600 yards
  • Comes with 4X magnification power
  • Output power is less than 1mW
  • Item weight is only 7.2 ounces

Pros & Cons

  • Highly precise
  • Budget friendly
  • Weatherproof
  • Slope compensation technology is not included

In this article, we have discussed the top 7 best rangefinders which are very affordable to buy. If you are going to buy this for golf, then you can buy the precision pro golf rangefinder or TecTecTec ult-x. if you are going to buy this for hunting, then you can buy the halo rangefinder. If you want it to buy for both purposes then the Gogogo rangefinder is the best deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cheap rangefinders accurate?

When it comes to finding the right tool for the job, accuracy is key. But what about budget-conscious shooters?
Are cheap rangefinders accurate enough for most applications? In general, yes. But there are a few caveats that should be considered before making a purchase.
First and foremost, cheap rangefinders typically use less powerful optics. This can lead to inaccurate readings at extended ranges.
Second, they may have less reliable internal mechanisms. If you plan on using your rangefinder regularly in cold weather or under harsh conditions, then investing in a better model is probably a good idea.
However, if you only use your scope occasionally and don’t anticipate any difficulties with its operation, saving money on your rangefinder might be an option worth considering.

Is it worth getting a range finder?

Rangefinders are a useful tool for any hunter or outdoors enthusiast. They allow you to precisely target and shoot your prey with ease. Rangefinders come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to choose the one that is best suited for your needs.
There are a few things to consider when making this purchase: your budget, the features you need, and how many shots you expect to take per day.
If you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry – rangefinders can be had for under $100.
However, if you plan on using your rangefinder regularly, it’s worth spending a little more money on a model with more features.
For example, some rangefinders have barometric readings so you can determine altitude; others have GPS capabilities so you can track the location of wildlife automatically.

Are rangefinders allowed in PGA?

For years, golfers have debated whether or not rangefinders are allowed in PGA tournaments. Many feel that they give an unfair advantage to the player because they can see the green in advance.
Others feel that rangefinders simply help players hit the ball where they want it to go more easily, and don’t actually give a player an advantage.
In January of this year, the USGA released a statement saying that rangefinders would be allowed in PGA events as long as they meet certain guidelines.
These guidelines require that rangefinders be used only for distances below 100 yards, and that users must show their scorecard to officials on every hole.
As of now, there is no definitive answer as to whether or not rangefinders are fair game on the golf course – everyone seems to have their own opinion on the matter!

Are slope rangefinders worth it?

Are slope rangefinders worth it? That is a question that has been asked by many hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.
A slope rangefinder can be an invaluable tool in the hands of someone who enjoys hunting or fishing. However, before deciding whether or not to buy one, it is important to understand what they are and how they work.
There are a few different types of slope rangefinders on the market today: laser, optical, and electronic.
Laser rangefinders use lasers to measure distances; optical rangefinders use either lenses or mirrors to measure distances; and electronic rangefinders use sensors to measure distances.
Each type of slope rangefinder has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, laser rangefinders are the most accurate type of sloperangefinder but they can be less sensitive than other types of rangefinders.


You can buy anyone of these. All of these are good in their price range. I have also suggested my recommendations. Afterall you are going to buy it. So the final call should be yours. Hope you have enjoyed while reading this article.

Thank you!