Best Rangefinder Apps for Hunting

Best Rangefinder Apps for Hunting in 2022 – Paid and Free Picks

When it comes to hunting, how equipped you are with knowledge, skills and accessories go a long way to determine your success. For a long time, bulky gadgets have been used to measure range out in the wild.

Now, with the help of some useful apps, you can use your mobile phone as a rangefinder and have a memorable hunting experience at any time.

Best Rangefinder Apps for Hunting

As a hunter, these apps have become very important navigation tools that you can have on your Android or iOS device. Here are some of the best rangefinder apps for hunting;

Zeiss Hunting

Zeiss Hunting Rangefinder App for iPhone and Android
Zeiss Hunting Rangefinder App for iPhone and Android

There are very few hunting apps with the same level of professional interface as this app. Launching the app provides you with a wide range of features and options aimed at making your hunting expedition seamless and engaging.

The app is easily accessible either on your mobile device or desktop. Utilizing this app provides you with access to hunting grounds that you can explore with other friends and family.

After a day of hunting, you can jot down fulfilling moments in your hunting diary. This information can be stored and is available at any time. You could also share your hunting experiences via the app with your friends and family. 

The app also provides you with useful features like weather forecasts. You can check on the weather details of the terrain you intend to hunt in to determine the best time to hunt.

Additionally, your Zeiss hunting app provides you with ballistics for your Zeiss riflescope. You could also get other types of ballistics that are compatible with the Zeiss hunting app.


  • Extra safety with weather warnings
  • Offers several important features that will help with hunting
  • Available for both Android and iOS devices 


  • Needs a strong internet connection to access which may not be available in the wild

Hunting Rangefinder App

Hunting Rangefinder App for Android
Hunting Rangefinder App for Android

Taking a cursory look through this unique rangefinder app reveals interesting features that will prove useful out in the field. For instance, this unique rangefinder app utilizes Google maps to locate specific hunting areas and measure the distance from your position to that of your target.

There are several significant differences in this app from other rangefinder apps. The app uses distance rings to inform you of the distance from your position to your intended target.

You can also utilize the various range modes that this app possesses. These different range modes are suitable for different terrain and different hunting situations. With these different modes, you can determine the different distance measurements of your target.

You can select from Rifle, Archery, Distance to, Stalk, and Two points, depending on your specific requirement. This app is free and can easily be downloaded from the Android Play Store from the link provided below. You must however upgrade it from time to time to enjoy new features and increase efficiency.


  • Free and easy to install
  • Utilizing Google maps for range finding
  • Simple and effective interface
  • Utilizes distance rings
  • Possesses different hunting modes


  • Not compatible with the iOS device
  • The app may take some time to load

Best Rangefinder App for Deer hunting

Best Rangefinder App for Deer hunting
Best Rangefinder App for Deer hunting

This rangefinding app has become a regular for professional hunters. The current version has been upgraded on the Android Playstore to provide even more features and efficient measurements than previous models.

With this new upgrade, measuring the distance from your vantage point to prey is now more accurate and easy to determine.

Using this app, you can set the device height higher from ground level to get more accurate and precise measurements.

There are various applications for this app, it comes in very handy when you engage in archery, hunting, shooting range, and even bow hunting. With this rangefinder app, distance is not a problem. You can measure distances between 35 to 65 yards out in the field.

To increase the accuracy of your distance measurement, you must direct the crosshairs towards the feet or base of your intended target. You can read the yardage that is indicated on your screen.


  • This app provides very accurate and efficient measurements
  • You are offered several metric unit options to choose from
  • There is a camera feature that lets you take a picture
  • Displayed measurements
  • Very simplified and easy to use


  • The application requires payment
  • Does not work on lower versions of the iOS models
  • It may not be compatible with Android devices


HuntStand Rangefinder App for Hunting
HuntStand Rangefinder App for Hunting

If you have decided to take up hunting professionally or as a hobby, you may need to consider utilizing an effective rangefinder app for your expeditions. HuntStand leads the charge when it comes to professional rangefinder apps.

It possesses advanced features that make it suitable for large-scale, precise hunting. With over several million downloads, HuntStand boasts of being the most popular rangefinder app in the world. It possesses basic useful features like GPS tools, weather forecasts, and hunting maps.

You could also utilize its advanced tracking and social features for all of your hunting purposes. You could also gain more knowledge regarding your hunting field by exploiting the sighting, harvest, and task logging functions that the app offers you.

You can also decide to use the Pro version of this app to be exposed to its entire benefits. Although the Pro version requires payment, it is significantly more effective and eliminates unnecessary ads that might distract or cause a nuisance during usage.

It also provides a 3D technology feature that uses satellite mapping using vivid colors and a range of several other advanced features for your pleasure.


  • Possesses a Pro version with more features
  • Includes important features like GPS tools, weather forecast, etc
  • Provides more hunting knowledge
  • Available to both iOS and Android devices


  • The Pro version requires payment
  • The normal version is filled with unsolicited ads

Rangefinder App for Deer and Bow Hunting

Rangefinder App for Deer and Bow Hunting
Rangefinder App for Deer and Bow Hunting

Rangefinder apps are slowly replacing rangefinder devices and perhaps one of the most popular rangefinder apps in the hunting community is the Rangefinder for Deer and Bow Hunting. This app enables you to calculate distances from one location to another.

The application boasts of a simplified yet effective interface that is useful to hunters of all ages. With this app, you can effectively calculate the distance between you and your target and make a calculated shot which will increase your chances of success.

With this app, you are not hunting blind. This app helps you estimate the distance and direction of your target which will in turn guide your shot placement.

The app also provides you with useful tips that will increase your accuracy significantly. The app may suggest you direct the crosshairs to the foot of the target for the most accurate shots.

With this app, you must follow precise instructions to get desired results. First, you must ensure the height slider is adjusted the right way on the screen for the app to measure distance accurately and with precision.

If you can do this well, you will be able to measure distances up to 45 yards using this app. You may however encounter some issues with the accuracy of the app if you decide to measure distances more than 45 yards.


  • Offers the same function as expensive rangefinders
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Clear and distinct information is displayed on the screen
  • Accurate measurements up to 45 yards


  • Not enough features.
  • Might not work accurately without the height being properly set.

Deer Calls and Tactic Pro 2

Deer Calls and Tactic Pro 2
Deer Calls and Tactic Pro 2

If you are just setting out as a hunter, you need not worry, as an amateur hunter, there is a rangefinder app for you. This app offers comprehensive details and features for amateur hunters.

It provides realistic deer sounds that are important to hunting and also gives you tips on how to utilize every call. It is ideal for amateurs that want to perfect the craft in a short period.

It possesses a detailed view that gives you information on each call that is available to you to prevent confusion.

All you need to do to enjoy this app is to select the most suitable call and begin making the most of the experience.


  • This app is comprehensive in the information provided
  • You do not need to break the bank to afford it


  • Not compatible with some iOS versions
  • Not available on the Android device


With any of these rangefinder apps at your beck and call, you no longer need to worry about efficiency when you are out there for any of your hunting expeditions. It does not matter if you are an expert or a newbie, there is an app for everybody.

You can now maximize every hunting opportunity you may get without needing to head back to get your rangefinder. Your phone is all you need!

For a more rounded hunting experience, you may need to accustom yourself to some advanced features that some of these apps offer before deciding to use them.