Best Golf Rangefinder Holder to Buy in 2022

A rangefinder holder or strap protects your rangefinder from misplacement or getting lost. This is because it always stays within your hands’ reach as long as it is fixed to the holder.

It should be able to hold it tightly and firmly. This helps you not to forget your rangefinder in the cart as it is always fastened to the holder. It reminds a forgetful golfer to retrieve the rangefinder.

It minimizes your worries of falling off your rangefinder even in places where there are bumps when driving the cart.

Best Golf Rangefinder Holder Reviews

Best Golf Rangefinder Holder

1. ZOEA Magnetic Rangefinder Mount Strap/Holder

This holder is best for Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder. It has a very powerful magnet that is safely fixed to the most frame of the golf cart. 

Why I Recommend

The Powerful magnet feature is one of the most attractive and unique selling points. This is mostly because your range finder is secured from fall especially in bumpy areas of the cart.

The powerful magnet attracts the rangefinder to the barrier freeing it from falling off regardless of the bumpy golf cart around. 

ZOEA Magnetic Rangefinder Mount Strap for Golf Cart Railing
ZOEA Magnetic Rangefinder Mount Strap for Golf Cart Railing



The rangefinder climb strap has a powerful magnet that attracts the rangefinder to the barrier-free from falling off regardless of the bumpy golf cart around. This makes your rangefinder secure and improves its longevity. 


The magnetic holder is made of non-slip linen. This ensures that your rangefinder is firmly and securely held on the golf cart rail while driving on a bouncing bumpy road or when negotiating a sharp bend. 

Used in the golf cart

The movable holder strap secures your rangefinder and sticks it to the bar of the golf cart in front of you. It is also possible to fix your rangefinder to golf cart steering wheel column for persistent access all over the round.


It has a convertible Velcro strap that is specifically designed to fit almost all rangefinders. It is suitable for most rangefinders that are up to 11 inches edge. More importantly, it is designed for Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder although other rangefinders can fit in. 


It is pocket friendly and saves you money, and still maintains its purpose

Highly recommended

It works as described. It holds the rangefinder well on the steering. 


The strap is easy to put on the rangefinder and holds it steadily.


It is easy to access the rangefinder during the round. There is no need for in and out of the holder.  


It has a 30 days cash-back warranty upon which you will get a new replacement if the earlier purchase is faulty. The warranty is also supported by a 12-month guarantee. If the product has a quality compromise, it is easy to contact the manufacturer via email. 

Pros & Cons

  • Compatible with most golf cart barriers, bar or mount attaches to numerous golf cart barriers
  • Connects to golf cart controlling column.
  • A superior powerful magnet for security
  • Made of linen that is rough and does not slip
  • Works great as it doesn’t add weight and allows pushing of all the switches on top of the rangefinder.
  • It is safely mounted
  • It is compatible with numerous rangefinders.
  • It is not recommended for older heavy rangefinders. This is because the magnet is made for the new rangefinders that are lighter than the old ones.
  • Battery low. It drains off the battery if left on the device. This is because the straps are over the buttons and drain your battery power.

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2. HomeMount Golf Rangefinder Magnetic Holder – Adjustable Strap

HomeMount Golf Rangefinder Magnetic Holder is one of the best, especially for Bushnell Golf Tour V5 Patriot Pack.

Even though it can fit almost all the rangefinders, it fits very well in your Bushnell. This holder gives you value for your money and presents good golfing life.

Why I Recommend

It presents ease of use and enables you to use your rangefinder at any angle. For such a good quality of HomeMount Golf Rangefinder Magnetic Holder, it is worth every penny spent in purchasing it. 

HomeMount Golf Rangefinder Magnetic Holder
HomeMount Golf Rangefinder Magnetic Holder


Powerful magnetic holder

It fits perfectly well in your rangefinder. The strong magnetic holder holds it tightly and in the exact place where you fit it on. 

Good value

For the price, it works well. There is no challenge over the bumps.


The price is pocket-friendly. The strap allows you to see the information on the Bushnell hybrid screen upon selection of your course.

Pros & Cons

  • Ease of use as it sticks to the railing on the golf cart
  • The movable strap allows you to place your rangefinder and maintain it well
  • Convenient positioning of the rangefinder on the cart post for all your golf shots.
  • It is sturdy but covers one of the switches on the rangefinder.

3. Stripe bird – 2.0 Slim Golf Magnetic Rangefinder Wrap Mount Buckle-Less Strap

This magnetic strap has a powerful magnet in Golf. It holds your rangefinder strongly. Magnetic power is one of the unique in the universe.

It protects your rangefinder from bumpy cart rides. It is portable due to its slim structure. It has a nylon stretchable band that paves the way to tightness around your gadget. It is universal and is best for Wosports Golf Rangefinder.

Why I Recommend

The rare magnetic hold gives it a plus in the market. This magnetic power cannot be found in any other holder.

Stripebird - 2.0 Slim Golf Magnetic Rangefinder Wrap Mount Strap
Stripebird – 2.0 Slim Golf Magnetic Rangefinder Wrap Mount Strap



It is shock resistance hence a great lifespan


The magnetic power is unique as compared to all other magnetic straps.

Ease of use

It is very simple to fit the holder into your rangefinder.

Pros & Cons

  • Lasts long due to its unique magnetic power
  • Easy to fit on your rangefinder
  • Affordable as the price is not exaggerated.
  • It does not fit on the 3rd button rangefinder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I keep my golf rangefinder?

There are a few things to consider when choosing where to keep your golf rangefinder. First, think about where you will be using it most. If you will be using it on the driving range, then you may want to keep it in your bag.
If you will be using it on the course, you may want to keep it in your pocket or in a zippered compartment on your bag. Second, think about how safe it will be.

Where can I carry my rangefinder?

Rangefinders can be carried in a number of places, depending on the model. Some rangefinders fit in a pocket, while others are attached to a belt or shoulder strap. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to see where your rangefinder is best carried.

Can PGA players use yardage finders?

Yes, PGA players can use yardage finders. The use of yardage finders is allowed in professional tournaments, and many players use them to help with club selection.

How do you connect a rangefinder to a golf cart?

There are a few different ways to connect a rangefinder to a golf cart. One way is to use a mount that attaches the rangefinder to the golf cart. Another way is to use a clip that attaches the rangefinder to the golfer’s belt.


Taking good care of your rangefinder is highly recommended not just by the sellers of these products, but also by professional golfers.

This is because they understand the value of the rangefinder and how it elevates your golf scores.

Besides, investing in a holder is just a matter of purchase if at all you want your rangefinder to serve you for long.