Best Hybrid Golf Rangefinders to Buy in 2022

Hybrid rangefinders are among the best golf Laser Rangefinder and GPS combo gadgets with a fully combined display presenting both the various laser and GPS ranges.

Best Hybrid Golf Rangefinders

Best Hybrid Golf Rangefinders

1. Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder

This is the first-ever combined Laser and GPS exhibit. It has a double battery source that is CR2 for the laser and USB for the GPS. It has a Pinseeker with JOLT automation.

In addition, it has a range to a flag of 400 yards. The precision is to 1 yard. Besides, it has Bluetooth for automatic course updates. There exists an automatic course recognition and automatic hole advance.

The Bushnell Hybrid laser rangefinder with GPS hybrid allows you to see ranges as it has never been before with very sharp images to your target. It offers an unrivaled accuracy to the range.

It assists you in eliminating guesswork from your game due to unrivaled laser accuracy with GPS that provides rear and front ranges in the LCD. It builds confidence in the player even in those who have shaky hands.

It has a JOLT technology that gradually throbs to acknowledge lock on the aim, assisting you in getting your range faster and simple.

The GPS unit included on the sideways shows you the range to the fore, rear, and middle of the green along with a fit for four chances per hole.

The Bushnell Hybrid is competition legal. It has Bluetooth technology for computerized course updates. It enlarges objects up to five times.

Moreover, it has a fast focus feature that enables you to adjust the optic focus to guarantee sight clarity and target precision.

Why Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder

The Bushnell Hybrid rangefinder is mostly chosen by golfers due to its extraordinary accuracy. This extraordinary accuracy is backed up by GPS to give you fore and rearranges in the LCD to eliminate speculation from your play. It is one of the best hybrid golf rangefinders that guarantees you a spectacular experience like never before.

Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder
Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder


Ease of use

It is simple to use this Bushnell hybrid rangefinder to quickly get the pin when using the laser. It is steady and simple to use the scope.

The laser is accurate too with simplicity in use. It has GPS and laser features that every golfer would wish to have.

Consequently, the GPS makes the Bushnell rangefinder easy to use. The switches are also very simple to press and release during the actual golfing.


It brings a very clear view of the objects even at a far range. The use of GPS and laser shows yardage to the flag put on top over the fore and rear on the green. It can calculate short ranges too with precision. The eyepiece is very clear and precise.


It is lightweight and small. It fits very well in your hands and feels great.

Pros & Cons

  • It has great features of the GPS and the JOLT technology for great accuracy
  • The GPS battery is different from the laser therefore charged differently. If one of the batteries is utilized fully, you can use the other.
  • It has a combination of the conventional rangefinder and GPS range.
  • The eyepiece brings a lot of clarity to the image view
  • Quick user manual and instructions for easy understanding on how to use
  • It does not show ranges adjusted up or downhill.
  • Not mountable
  • Does not have slope or elevation correction
  • The GPS battery life is short
  • Does not sync to iPhone
  • Made of plastic materials other than the heavy metal that would have enabled them to last you for long.
  • Sometimes it loses track of the GPS and goes back to the select course screen severally during each round.
  • It does not stay in play mode once connected to the charger hence not able to continue with your play during charging.

2. Callaway Hybrid Laser-GPS Rangefinder

The Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder gives the precision of the laser integrated with the GPS data that a laser alone is not able to give. The laser precision is up to plus or minus 1 yard. It has an enlargement of six times feature. In addition, it has an auto hole advancement technology.

Why Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder

The Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder integrates the pin-seeking accuracy of a laser with additional accessibility of GPS. All this is combined which makes it an easy-to-use device.

This rangefinder maximizes range data from tee to green, permitting you to draw the right club and take target confidently eliminating speculations.

Callaway Hybrid Laser-GPS Rangefinder
Callaway Hybrid Laser-GPS Rangefinder


Ease of use

The integration of the laser and GPS technology makes it very simple to use. It has a double-powered design and free course map applications.

The hybrid characteristics are very useful and the rangefinder locks on to the target easily and precisely.


Provides all the information that you need in one device on each hole. Laser the specific yardage to the flag and knowing the fore, center, and rear yardages is great. It also provides distance to and over bunker and data on doglegs.


It is lightweight and easy to carry around. It fits firmly at the palm of your hands, therefore, not easy to slip over.

Pros & Cons

  • Has a scan mode to secure several aims at the same time
  • The battery lasts up to ten hours during the operation
  • It is water and fog proof thereby improving its longevity.
  • You don’t need the subscription and download fees
  • It has a premium hard case for protection purposes.
  • It has an automated hole advancement
  • Can manage several targets at a go
  • It has a pulse confirmation
  • Has a pin Acquisition feature
  • Offers maximum enlargement and accuracy
  • Does not offer the chirp feature
  • No auto switch for the holes
  • The backlight is not very sharp, hence brings straining to read

3. Voice Caddie Golf Hybrid Laser Rangefinder

The SL1 is a progressive, Hybrid laser rangefinder that uses GPS pin, automatic slob, and green Undulation to assist in advancing scores with extra tactical and accurate green data. It is smooth, classy, and ultra-modern.

It uses an automatic GPS process for pin calculation, rapidly and precisely calculating range while purifying out related items for you to finish the sway with confidence.

Besides, the innovative Green Undulation data keeps you in the know-how of green slope and top, dangers around the green, bunker site, and gradient. It has a scan mode that vibrates to notify you when you have hit the target. It has a high-precision lens.

It gives you maximum precision and a six-scale lens that advances significantly with long-range distance calculations. It is waterproof and comes with one-year specifications. It has a long lifespan and gives you value for your money.

Why Voice Caddie Laser Rangefinder

It is a multipurpose rangefinder that apart from golfing, can be used in sports, performance site seeing, hunting, and mountain climbing. It assists in guesswork elimination out of your play.

It takes accurate range calculation. The GPS algorithm is automatic for pin calculation. Filtering of the items situated away from the green ensures a proper fit to the aim.

Voice Caddie Laser Rangefinder
Voice Caddie Laser Rangefinder



It has a long lifespan that guarantees you a great service. It does not wear and tear easily due to the high-quality materials that make it.

It remains fully functional without requiring you to repair it due to damages after a long period of use. It is designed to be durable and reliable.

Ease of use

The Voice Caddie Golf SL 1 True-Hybrid Laser Rangefinder is user-friendly. It offers maximum golfing results with a lot of simplicity even to the newbies in the game.


It perfectly fits in your hands and is hence easy to carry. It is made of lightweight materials.

Pros & Cons

  • Has a unique Hybrid GPS or laser rangefinder
  • It uses GPS information to sieve background and refines in on the pin
  • Has a combined Slope
  • It has a colored LCD screen view
  • Availability of Green Undulation and Course designs where applicable
  • It has a constant mode for scanning
  • It vibrates when the aim is achieved
  • It is made of a cheap plastic material
  • It is not universal to all regions

Recommendations For The Best Hybrid Rangefinder

The Bushnell Hybrid rangefinder is mostly chosen by golfers due to its extraordinary accuracy and the long-standing quality of the companies’ products.

Its precision in the range calculation cannot be over-emphasized. The laser beam technology and GPS technology make it unique and useful by most if not all golfers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Bushnell Hybrid tournament legal?

Yes, the Bushnell Hybrid tournament is legal. The tournament is a combination of a stroke play and match play competition.

What is the most popular golf rangefinder?

The most popular golf rangefinder is the Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt. It has a 5x magnification and a fast focus system. It also has a PinSeeker with Jolt Technology to help you lock onto the flag.

Does the Bushnell Hybrid have slope?

The Bushnell Hybrid does not have slope.


Rangefinders improve the golfer’s confidence in yardage calculation and hitting the target with greater precision to calculate yards or meters.

Scanning of the landscapes to obtain the ranges to numerous aims, such as greenside bunkers and water hazards still maintaining the precision when the connection is made properly. Hybrid rangefinders are amazingly dense and affordable.

Most of these rangefinders are designed with a waterproof material so the golfer can bring them everywhere they need. In addition, some models have a shockproof cover that protects the gadget against damages and adverse weather conditions.  

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