Best Cheap Golf Rangefinders with Slope to Buy in 2022

Are you looking for a pocket-friendly golf rangefinder with a slope for your budget? If yes, then there are quite a several substantial rangefinders that you could select from.

Even though you are looking for the cheapest of them, quality should not be compromised as accuracy and the precision for your shot should be considered.

Their different efficiencies in terms of best optics should be looked into keenly if you are going to meet your targeted shot. Some of the best cheap rangefinders are enumerated below;

Best Cheap Golf Rangefinders with Slope – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Cheap Golf Rangefinders with Slope

1. Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder

This is one of the best cheap golf rangefinders with slopes. It gives you an authentic execution for your golfing. It contains a slope that is used for tournament or competition legal.

It makes it possible to have a high-pitch distance estimation.

This product blends modern operations like constant position readings, angle range compensation (ARC), pin-searching, and Flagpole-Locking Vibration and speed calculation.

It computes a range of between 5 to 650 yards for the flagpole and 250 yards when targeting the flag when it is not folded. This rangefinder matches the users’ requirements.

It has a full multi-layer optics lens that functionally lessens reflected light and expand relaying of light providing a dazzling clear image. The diopter is easy to move for an accurate target on the display.

Why Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder – At A Glance

In comparison with the Bushnell rangefinder, its accuracy is on another level. The comparison of a distance of 100 yards or less shows a high precision with Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder as compared to Bushnell rangefinder.

Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder for Golf
Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder for Golf


Consistency and accuracy

This Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder has fulfilled its purpose. It is exactly what you need to look for and you will not regret having bought it. It is spot on and easy to use.

It is accompanied by a user instruction manual that is very clear and easy to understand and execute. It has a great make and its vibration feature is on point.

I use it with my sunglasses on and it is very simple to regulate using the revolving ring on all the sides of the viewpoint.


This product has a pocket-friendly cost. It has a slope calculation that is very rare to find with its price. It has quite an impressive pin-seeker automation together with the jolt use.

It vibrates automatically upon pin detection. It is worth every penny. It has a competitive price and it gives you value for your money.

Good quality

This rangefinder is amazing. It makes it simple to estimate the iron range without having to guess the yardage it has a long-lasting hard case and a strap.

It is well built and is way much perfect for its price. It does not look cheap at all as one would suggest. The slope gives it a plus in comparison with other rangefinders.

I would refer this rangefinder to every type of golfer.

Pros & Cons

  • It is quite affordable and gives you value for your cash.
  • Its pinpointing accuracy is perfect
  • It is made from high-quality materials for its longevity.
  • The instruction manual gives you the advantage of knowing how to use it for first-timers.
  • It has some unique features like accuracy and a slope measurement that makes it very rich for its price
  • It has an unclear display especially when you adjust the focus.
  • The user requires to firmly press the buttons down to take the distance

2. Callaway Laser Golf Rangefinder

It offers a definite slope estimation. It has a perfect on-target laser rangefinder that allows elevation adjustments and it estimates the incline or decline angle.

Subsequently, it measures the slope-adjusted range.

It offers the biggest enlargement as it is fitted with 6x magnification. Its golfing trait has a 5 to 1000 yards range and a plus or minus 1-yard precision.

It is capable of estimating the distance in both yards and meters. You can lock up to a pin of 300 yards apart.

Its pin-locking technique has an accurate laser estimation in addition to Pin Acquisition Technology (P.A.T.).

The Pulse verification releases a small vibration “burst” upon locking the laser pin to verify that you have the right distance. It contains an outside slope switch for putting it on and off.

This is an amazing feature for competitive legal play. Its quality is a guarantee as it has a premium Molded Hard Carry Case as well as a carabiner and elastic “quick-close” band.

Why Callaway Laser Golf Rangefinder – At A Glance

It is quite cheap and affordable as compared to Bushnell. It gives you an accurate experience and it is easy to use. It is commendable to any golf enthusiast.

Callaway Laser Golf Rangefinder
Callaway Laser Golf Rangefinder


Ease of use

It is easy to use and it improves your general golfing experience. It makes it easier to determine your club choice. It is fitted with an easy-to-use feature for change and a slope for use with a flag lock.


It is quite cheap and affordable. Its worthiness is commendable for any golf fan who is seeking to refine their gaming experience.


This rangefinder is easy to carry around. It is not heavy and bulk. It perfectly positions itself well in your hands.


It gives you a precise estimate of the targeted distance. It has a GPS app that gives you anterior, center, and posterior ranges.

It is capable of estimating the distance uphill or downhill with modified play length measured for you.

This can be switched off in competition mode if need be. It has an extraordinary speed for shooting.

Pros & Cons

  • Allows you to accurately have a distance to the pin
  • It is possible to have uphill or downhill estimation
  • It has great speed when attached to a cart by use of a magnet. The execution is great.
  • The slope feature is very significant for golf fans
  • It is very economical
  • Have impressive visual precision, quick response, slope feature, and various target feature.
  • The battery life is sometimes questionable depending on the year of make

3. Precision Pro NX7 Golf Rangefinder

This rangefinder has all the features that a golf fan would wish to have in a golf rangefinder. It has the manufacturer’s consumer care packaging.

It is manufactured by one of the most trusted manufacturers who pay keen in listening to what the golfers need.

This in addition allows the golfers to gain confidence in swinging and hit their targets. It gives the golfer the liberty to shoot their measurements to bunkers or flags or any other objects with precision to the yard.

This rangefinder has a slope that gives you accuracy on your distance up to one yard. It contains a heavy-duty carrying case, a battery, a user manual, a lanyard, and cleaning linen.

The pulse vibration tech offers a short vibration upon target shot. This allows you to elevate the conviction that assists you to take the right club.

It has a Target Acquisition Technology feature that aids in object capture in your field of focus on your preferred target. This allows for great precision with 6x enlargement.

It has a 600- yard range capacity, shows a tenth-yard estimation and it can be set for yards or meters. It is waterproof. Its precision is up to one yard and gives a small vibration when a target is shot.

The rangefinder registration has a lifelong battery change extra. It comes with a 2-year guarantee, transaction allowance, and bestselling support.

Why Precision pro NX7 Golf Rangefinder – At A Glance

This rangefinder makes it easy to find your focus to the pin precisely on several slopy surfaces. It is designed with the user in mind features that allows the golfers to precisely calculate the focus from the golf ball to the flag on high, slanted, or level holes. It can be set for meter measurement.

Precision Pro NX7 Golf Rangefinder
Precision Pro NX7 Golf Rangefinder


Ease of use

It is easy to turn it on. You just need to press and free the green switch. You can move it to any focus that you want. It is possible to shot various targets easily.


This rangefinder is easy to carry around as it is lightweight. Do not cover the receiving optic with your hand as it is small in size. It fits very well in your hands and can carry it with your back pocket.

Highly recommendable

It is quite responsive and very fast in execution. It has simple-to-use switches. It strikes the target quickly and its jolt is powerful allowing you to know you have stricken the flag.

It is very authentic to strike the focus and learn the yardage to specific points, to eliminate a bunker or lake.

Pros & Cons

  • Provides an easy location of your focus and pin with precision on numerous slope surfaces.
  • High performance
  • Has user-friendly techniques that precisely calculate the distance from the golf ball.
  • The vibration feature alerts you when the target is achieved
  • Made of vivid optics
  • It is possible to enlarge up to 6x
  • Can be used by golfers with shaky hands
  • Have a two-year warranty and a battery replacement service
  • Inconsistency. It is compromised especially in locating the pin. Sometimes it can give you 20 yards off the distance.

4. Bushnell Golf Tour V5 Patriot Pack

It has a unified bite magnetic feature that allows easy attachment on a cart. It contains a pin seeker with a visible jolt.

This allows you to acknowledge when you strike the pin, together with vibrating pulses and a sparkle red ring for authentication. It is possible to spot and perceive laser locks in.

Consistency is reassessed with the unique feature of magnification. Definition and clear colors link for a distinction that will allow you to spot both your straight shot and your hindrance.

It has a Bushnell Golf App that uses GPS. This app gives you a wireless upgrade for amicable devices by the use of your smartphone’s Bluetooth feature.

Why Bushnell Golf Tour V5 Patriot Pack – At A Glance

This rangefinder has a modern generation technology that consists of pin seeker with a visible jolt and a Bite Magnetic Mount. The next level of precision and illumination is perfectly looked into.  



Ease of use

The ranging technique is precise and easy to use. Its zeros in on the flag for precision in yardages. It is easy to fix on the cart.


It is very accurate. It locks on to flags and provides the readings on the spot. It gives you a reliable reading without any worry about picking up the background distances. It gives you a clear and accurate view of the flag.


It has image stabilization. it has a good weight to carry around on your hands. It has a good rubber case that fits well in your hand. Its viewfinder that has a 6x enlargement feature is very bright.

As it fits very well in your hand, you will not get any challenge in a handshake and flag focus or any other object.


It gives you a reliable distance reading. This V5 locks on to the focus much more reliably with shaky hands that give you a good experience.

It gives you the right distance. It enables you to know how far your shot is required.

Pros & Cons

  • The size speed and precision are made of modern generation technology
  • Features a PinSeeker with a visible jolt, BITE Magnetic Mount with the next level precision and brilliance.
  • Gives you an accurate distance and yardage precision within one yard
  • Easy to attach on the cart due to the BITE magnetic technology
  • The red light is very bright and shines in your eyes during the zapping of the flag.

5. WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder

This has a slope on or off feature. Make sure to look for the M3 model that has the slope. Helps you to choose the right golf club. It gives you a quick measurement.

Precision is up to one yard. It is waterproof hence you don’t need to worry in case of water splashes on it. It gives you a minimal vibration upon shooting the focus.

It gives you a fast focus and the right measurement. The diopter adaptation feature gives a clear view. Besides, it measuring of objects is clear no matter how near or far you are due to its fast-measuring distance technology.

It allows for meter and yards changing depending on your preference. It has a unique battery cover and a rangefinder that cannot be separated.  

Why WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder – At A Glance

It has a creative battery cover pattern that is inseparable.

WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder
WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder


Ease of use

It contains only two switches. Its functionality is quite impressive and it gives you the distance in seconds. It is uncomplicated in usability. The compact size fits well in the cup holder of the cart or the jacket pocket.


It is made of long-lasting materials of high quality. The slope correction is accurate and allows a feel for what you are looking at and the expected distance.


It gives you value for your money. It will not disappoint you in your golfing game.

Pros & Cons

  • Accuracy in terms of distance is guaranteed
  • It is quite affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • It has a slope feature
  • Do not allow calculation of the distance before spinning. It focuses like a camera after pressing the switch before spitting out the range.

How To Choose The Best Cheap Golf Rangefinders with Slope – Buying Guide

When buying a golf rangefinder, there are various factors that you need to keep in mind. Below is an enumeration of what to look for before you settle to purchase a particular golf rangefinder,


Accuracy is what gives you an idea of the number of strokes you need to take per round. How accurate the gadget is, gives you a clear picture of what you need. How powerful and faster can it measure the distance? Accuracy guarantees you as many birdies and greens for your scores.

Slope reading

This calculates changes in advancement between the target, the golfer. This eventually measures the real and horizontal length.

Display screen

These will determine how fast or easy you are capable of reading the information. A clear graphics technique is very crucial. The screen should be capable of showing the distance and the battery usage. 

Magnification level

The magnification level determines the accuracy of your shots. High magnification gives you a clearer view. It is this magnification that enables you to hit the right target. Good magnification presents the target nearer for precise shots.

Battery life

Power usage of your rangefinder is very important. The survival of your battery is determined by the rate at which your gadget uses the power and the general battery capacity. The best battery power should last for 8 to 10 hours. Less than this will compromise your usage.

Scan mode

This is the mode of stabilization. More often than not, capturing your target from a long distance can be a challenge. This is especially to those golfers who have shaky hands. Stabilization enables you to the trail and attaches the laser to the aim.

Weight and size

A wide model is very important for stability on using two hands. The weight of your garget will affect portability. A compact and a medium-size gadget are recommended to cater to the two features. A light model is easy to carry around.

Utmost and least range

Look for a gadget that gives a measurement that is above your target if possible. Thus, will solve the utmost and least range for your golfing experience.

Ease of use

This is a feature that should be looked into keenly. You don’t want to buy a rangefinder that cannot be used. Look for something that you will be able to use. Just as simple after reading the user manual.


Look for a rangefinder that offers you the feature of identifying the objects. Some detect the first object that they come across. These are known as priorities golf rangefinders. There are those golf rangefinders that identify the objects behind the target disregarding the target. These are referred to as the second priority.

The priorities are perfect for areas without obstructions. The second priority disregards the objects on the front and focuses on those that are behind.


The materials for making the golf rangefinders are a good determinant of numerous factors. For example, poor-quality materials are easy to break, hence reducing the lifespan of your rangefinder. In addition, resistant materials are durable and long-lasting, hence giving you value for your money. The rough outer layer also prevents the possibility of slipping off.


It is good to consider the prices of different rangefinders. The more rangefinders have the best features ever. However, the purchase should be focused more on your priorities and the use.

Our Recommendation For Best Cheap Golf Rangefinders with Slope

Out of the above five products, Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder should be among the first to consider during the purchase.

As the reviews show, it is quite cheap and has very many unique features as compared to the rest. It is pocket-friendly and gives you a great experience in golfing.


The days when you used to stress your eyes looking for a target in the center of the golf course are long gone.

As the universe is advancing in technology so do golfing. With gadgets as great as rangefinders, you no longer need to keep an eye to spot your target and analyzing your shot together.

Rangefinders have brought all this misery to a stop. All you need to do is look for the best rangefinders as explained above. Golfing is a game that is luxurious and liked by many.

Making your experience great and worth yarning for more is one of the best feelings you can have as a great golfer. The rangefinders enhance your experience and your general golfing experience. It does not matter whether you are just begging the game or you are experienced.

A great rangefinder will assist you to get to know the distance between you and the golf hole. This does not depend on where you are at during gaming.

The use of GPS technology in the determination of the precise distance may be distressful. However, the rangefinder will solve this challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a rangefinder with slope worth it?

There is no definitive answer, as it depends on what you are looking for in a rangefinder. Slope compensation can be helpful if you are playing on a course with hills, as it will help you gauge the correct distance to the pin.
However, some people find them to be more cumbersome and difficult to use. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if a rangefinder with slope is worth it for your needs.

Are golf rangefinders with slope legal?

Golf rangefinders with slope are legal in the United States. The USGA has approved their use in tournaments.

What is slope compensation on a golf rangefinder?

Slope compensation is a feature on some golf rangefinders that allows the user to adjust for the slope of the ground. This is helpful because it can give a more accurate distance reading, taking into account the incline or decline of the ground.

Does the Bushnell V3 have slope?

The Bushnell V3 does not have slope. It is a simple, straightforward golf laser rangefinder.