Best Entry Level Rangefinder to Buy in 2022

Using a rangefinder well can reward the dimension of the sport in your support. If you are a zealous golfer, you require to study how to utilize one to your advantage. Rangefinders can give you the precise stretch between you and your aim.

However, not all can use a pro-level rangefinder, if you are entry-level, you need to start at the beginning and understand how rangefinder operates.

Therefore, you require the best rangefinder that is accessible in the market. These rangefinders should be fitted with all the entry-level important characteristics.

Best Entry Level Rangefinder

Best Entry Level Rangefinder

The following is an enumeration of three of them:

1. Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder

This is an upgraded rangefinder with modern characteristics and improved effectiveness. It has an improved ranging ability and a stronger integral monocular.

It gives you fast and easy range calculation of your aim item or flagstick. It is compact and lightweight. It is easy to hold on your hand to give quick and precise measurements up to 550 yards.

It has a target priority technology and 8-second continual scanning. It is small but packs a strong punch.

This rangefinder is rainproof, therefore practicing your game does not have to stop during inclement weather.

Why Nikon Coolshot 20

This rangefinder gives you a fast and simple range calculation of your aim. It gives a range of 6-800 yards with maximum precision of plus or minus one yard. Therefore, you will be able to calculate your distance with the greatest confidence and warrant that you will not fail to spot your aim.

best entry level golf rangefinder - Nikon Coolshot 20
Nikon Coolshot 20



The rangefinder has a wonderful first aim chance mode that will show you the range to the closest aim among the multiple magnitudes achieved.

Efficiency is achieved by getting the exact range to the flagpole. It enables you to see what lies in at the forefront, or backside, not just the range to the flagstick. It features six times monocular Nikons Legendary optical technology that gives bright and clear images.


The continual measurement characteristics save you from pressing the button severely. Its precision can allow you to create club range proficiency on the driving distance and game control skills on the golf course.

It shows the precise range of the flagstick. It is useful in getting ranges to hazards, trees, mounds, and other items on the course


This rangefinder can range any items within its prospect. This consists of hills, doglegs, trees, bunkers, lakes, golf carts, and the flagstick as usual. You don’t require a reflector to get a range to any targeted item.


This rangefinder is made from resources and equipment that tolerate unrelenting use during stormy weather. It has a wide temperature forbearance and remains rainproof, there is no essence of keeping it away during harsh weather conditions.


It has a compact and lightweight body. It is small in size hence not bulk to carry. Even if it is small, it presents well in precision. It can fit well in your pocket or golf bag. Therefore, there is no justification for not using it on every shot.  

Pros & Cons

  • It is versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Not bulk
  • Precise
  • Water-resistant
  • Effective
  • Not for big hands but small hands due to their size
  • The user needs to have steady hands

2. Raythor Golf & Hunting Rangefinder

The Raythor Golf Rangefinder is the best and consistent for entry-level golfers. It has an attractive black finish.

Created for golf players, it is fitted with amazing golf characteristics that help the golfer in making measured swings while golfing.

This rangefinder comes with unique aim lock technology that permits it to lock items like flagpoles up to 600 yards apart.

This modern-day technology necessarily eliminates intrusion from the surrounding items and gives you the actual measurement.

It has a fully multi-coated lens. It has a 30-day money-back guarantee from Amazon and 18 months free-of-charge substitute. You will also enjoy everlasting customer care service.

Why Raythor Rangefinder

This rangefinder is ideal for entry-level golf players. It gives them essential features. It is competition legal due to the external slope button. It is an all-in-one device for practice, pleasure, and professional games.

Raythor Entry Level Golf & Hunting Rangefinder
Raythor Rangefinder



It has an inherent slope adjustment technology that provides you a standardized range depending on the holes incline and decline to enable the golfer to take a precise swing at it. It has an LCD that shows precise measurements within 0.1 yards.


The rangefinder comes with an enlargement power of six times and a wonderful distance of 5-1000 yards. It does not allow guesswork. It has three modes.

These modes allow you to have a nonstop range to save you time spent on pressing buttons, real range, slope-adjusted range, angle calculation, flag-lock, and vibration on lock technology. The final model provides you with an instant speed of moving items.

Battery life

It has a lasting rechargeable battery.

Pros & Cons

  • Accurate
  • Efficient
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Not recommended for hunting
  • Comes with only one battery

3. ACPOTEL Golf Rangefinder

This rangefinder has stunning and most interesting characteristics. It has a double LCD. This makes it best for entry-level as it gives measurements on double screens. These screens are both interior and exterior to eliminate errors.

Why ACPOTEL Golf Rangefinder

It is the best golf entry level in the market. It is compact and lightweight and furnished with several measurement modes that give precise measurements.

ACPOTEL Entry Level Golf RangeFinder
ACPOTEL Golf RangeFinder



The double show guarantees clear and simple measurement. It has an internal screen and an external LCD for the sharp show of measurements.

It comes with six times enlargement with a modifiable spotlight. The maximum range is 750 yards with a precision of 0.5 yards. It gives you an angle compensation of 20o


It is lightweight and is of a compact design.


The device is waterproof. The outer cover is made of environmentally friendly rubber. This makes it non-slip and easy to hold.


It comes with a guarantee of customer care.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Efficiency
  • Accuracy
  • Offers six times enlargement
  • waterproof
  • Has only one design
  • It does not come with a carrying package

Buyers’ Guide to Choose the Best Entry Level Rangefinder

When you are buying a rangefinder as an entry-level player you need to research certain features. This includes


A rangefinder is of no use if it cannot guarantee the accuracy of your measurement

Display screen

It should be clear and sharp

Size and weight

A portable rangefinder is recommended for easy carrying when going to practice

Magnification level

This is the ability of the rangefinder to enlarge objects when viewing

Battery life

A long-lasting battery gives you service for a longer period before they require charging.

Slope reading

This provides you with accuracy in yardage reading. It helps the entry-level golfer to determine how elevation affects shot-making. It instills confidence in the entry-level player.


This is the scanning mode of the rangefinder. It is the time that a golf rangefinder utilizes to lock into an aim.

Recommended Best Entry Level Rangefinder

Among the three rangefinders, Nikon COOLSHOT 20 is the most recommended for an entry-level. It is furnished with all the up-to-date features that enable it to be an effective teacher in your golf learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between golf rangefinder and hunting rangefinders?

There is a big difference between golf rangefinders and hunting rangefinders. Golf rangefinders are designed for golfers, while hunting rangefinders are designed for hunters.
Golf rangefinders use laser technology to precisely measure distances, while hunting rangefinders use the naked eye to measure distances.
Golf rangefinder features include digital readouts and slope indicators, while hunting rangefinder features include varmint and animal tracking capabilities.

Should you use a golf rangefinder?

When you’re playing golf, using a golf rangefinder can make your game much more accurate and efficient. Rangefinders let you know the distance to the green, as well as other vital information about the course.
They’re not essential for all golfers, but if you find yourself struggling with distances on occasion or just want to get better accuracy while playing, a rangefinder is definitely an investment worth making. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using one.
First of all, make sure that your rangefinder has the necessary settings for your course. Many ranges come with pre-loaded maps of popular courses, but if yours doesn’t have one already, be sure to download one beforehand.
Secondly, always use common sense when taking readings. Don’t read too far into the numbers or get too caught up in trying to hit the exact shot!

Do you need a rangefinder with slope for hunting?

Rangefinders have come a long way in recent years, with models now available that can map out ranges both horizontally and vertically.
This makes them an important tool for bowhunters who are looking to take advantage of the terrain’s hidden opportunities.
However, not all ranges can be covered by a traditional rangefinder; in fact, many hunting areas feature slopes that make traditional rangefinding techniques impossible.
If you’re planning on hunting in an area where slope is an important consideration, then you’ll need to invest in a model that includes slope mapping capabilities.

Can rangefinders be used as binoculars?

Rangefinders have been designed as binoculars for many years now. Rangefinders use a system of mirrors and lenses to project an image onto a reticle.
This reticle can be used just like the cross hairs on a standard binoculars to help aim the instrument. In some cases, rangefinders even have features that mimic the human eye, such as zoom lenses and automatic brightness control.
So while rangefinders may not be perfect substitutes for binoculars, they can be helpful when you don’t have access to either type of instrument or want an extra pair of hands while camping or hunting.


An entry-level golf rangefinder requires some unique features that will enable good practice to be a pro. The features should be those that will instill confidence in the game and bring expertise.

A slope feature is more recommended before one qualifies to be a pro who can even go for a tournament.