9 Best Golf Rangefinder Apps for Both Android and iPhone

Best Golf Rangefinder Apps

The best golf rangefinder apps can be invaluable to the golfer who wants to bring his or her handicap down or who just wants to make sure he or she has the right yardage on the course.

Whether you’re an experienced golfer or just learning, these nine rangefinder apps are worth checking out. Whether you use your iPhone or Android phone, there’s something here for everyone!

Best Rangefinder Golf Apps

There are very few select groups of rangefinder apps that have been tested and trusted to give you an overall amazing golfing experience.

You may need to do a little research on the specific app that will work best with your phone to produce the best results.

Here are a few very good options regarding which apps will work effectively as a rangefinder.

1. Caddieye


One of the most common rangefinder apps that you can find around that is compatible with most mobile devices is Caddieye.

This mobile application works with a small system usually attached to the back of your phone. This system is usually independent of your phone and comes with a separate battery.

All you need to do is attach it to your phone cover, and you are good to go. You can now enjoy your golfing seamlessly with this system attached to your phone.

You may be wondering, how is this device attached to this system able to measure distance? It is quite straightforward.

Caddieye sends powerful laser signals which are absolutely crucial in identifying targets from a far distance without any difficulty.

Caddieye’s technology is strictly based on a normal distance meter, and it uses the laser pulse it generates to determine how far away the target is.

To ensure you are not bothered by unnecessary wavelengths, the optics on this system possesses a filter that prevents unwanted wavelengths from receiving access.

You also don’t have to worry about low battery capacity while you’re out measuring. The battery is sufficient in powering the system to measure about 300 times, and the entire system can measure up to 250 meters.

Caddieye rangefinder is under the control of an Arm Cortex-M3-based microcontroller. After successfully measuring the distance from the target to your position, the results are then sent through a Bluetooth connection to your android phone.

When you have received it on your smartphone, you can view the measurements as camera images using an integrated application view.

You can then control the device using your phone and then select the target on your phone’s touch screen. Your phone’s camera will be used as binoculars for the rangefinder device.

As a result of the device no longer needing an additional camera, the device is structured so as to give the device a more minimalistic approach.

Additionally, the ability of the phone camera to detect objects is also used in distance measurements.

2. SkyDroid Golf GPS

SkyDroid Golf GPS

Have you ever wandered on a golf course, unsure of what part of the course you currently were on? Don’t feel bad, it happens to even the best of us.

Luckily that does not have to be your fate anymore whenever you go golfing with your friends with the SkyDroid Golf GPS.

It is an invaluable tool when it comes to marking your exact location on the golf course. Although it was originally designed for amateurs on the golf course, professionals can also get a kick out of it too.

Why rack your brain wondering how far you have gone, when you can pull your mobile phone out of your pocket and find out.

The benefits are plenty. Apart from pinpointing your exact location on the map of the golf course, and measuring the far distance to your nearest target, you can also record your chart chattering scores and keep track of your stats as well.

You can also keep track of the short distances as well as the long ones with your device. You are also protected as hazards in and around the course would be easily detected before you can be negatively affected.

Despite all these amazing benefits, this mobile phone app is a lot more affordable than others you may be familiar with.

3. Spike from IkeGPS

Spike from IkeGPS

Over the years, as the need for excellence in sports has constantly increased, it has become imperative to search for a competent alternative to previous approaches to improving overall performance.

For that reason, this app gained popularity in the golfing community as a result of its features and advantages. Not many apps use AutoCAD, this is where Spike stands out from the rest.

The measurements this app offers can help you improve your sporting abilities, and in hunting games. Normally, this app works hand in hand with your mobile phone camera.

Whether you are using IOS or Android, it doesn’t matter, the effects that you will get will remain the same.

With the aid of Bluetooth technology, the device will connect to your phone so that when you take a picture using your phone’s camera, the device accurately measures the dimensions of the target in real-time.

You will be able to manipulate the image you get however you like in order to show precise minute details like width, height, and length.

Although some people may consider the process of using the app very tedious and time-consuming, you cannot deny its effectiveness.

4. Golf Pad

Golf Pad App

From the moment you launch this application, you receive clear concise information on how to properly use the scoring tab, find your next course, and change your handicap settings to suit your needs.

After you take a swing, the Golf pad will immediately give you the accurate distance of each shot you take, along with other important details like the shot dispersion and the strokes gained.

This invaluable application also gives you the measurement of the distance to the back, front, or middle of the golf course. This is the best free golf rangefinder app for iphone.

5. Hole 19

Hole 19

Do you need to swing better or overall improve your game? If you answered yes, then Hole19 is just for you.

With revised features like GPS rangefinder, stats tracking, and live to score, this app has all it takes to help you measure your distance, focus on your target, and examine your scorecard.

Know exactly where you rank with the leaderboards on the app. The leaderboard shows you just exactly how other golfers are performing so you can know your real competition. This is the best free golf rangefinder app for android.

6. Golfshot GPS Scorecard and Shot Tracker

Golfshot GPS Scorecard and Shot Tracker

With this application, you can now measure the distance between you and all your targets and hazards in your way.

You can also score your rounds more efficiently with this app in order for you to get the much-needed stats about everything concerning your game. 

Every detail about how you play is obtained by constantly scoring each round to monitor your progress. You can then save them on the scoreboard for future reference.

Another reason to love this app is the fact that you do not need to use it hands-on at all times, with its real-time voice and advanced audio features, you can now direct all your attention to your swing to produce a perfect game.

The catalog of videos available on the app comprises unique golf fitness tips, practice tutorial videos, different faults, and their fixes.

You may also include other equipment on the app like your trusted driving club, while simultaneously following up on some of the most recent golf news available on the app.

This app is best suited for your golfing needs. It contains everything you will need on your golfing journey both on and off the golf course. This is the best golf rangefinder app for Android.

7. 18birdies

18birdies App

Take your golfing skills a step further with this trusted golf rangefinder app. 18birdies has a lot to offer you as a budding golfer.

With its numerous advantages and features all designed to help you improve your game, there is no way your swing remains the same after using this app.

For example, the scoring and the record of stats can help you formulate potent strategies on how to improve your game all around.

Additionally, you are well informed on the local weather and elevation using the live conditions on the golf course to ensure you are preemptively ready for any unpleasant changes in the weather.

With the 18birdies app, you constantly get an accurate distance from your position to the target so that you can strategize on your tee shot.

After every round, you can input correct details of your completed rounds to monitor your performance and add to your current stat.

This app also includes the AI coach which is a very unique aspect of the app’s technology that offers you analysis on your swings instantly as they are made to monitor progress and see how far you have gone towards having a perfect shot.

Although this is only available to users subscribed to the premium version, there are other benefits you can exploit from the free version.

8. Garmin Golf

Garmin Golf App

This rangefinder app is free for all and serves as the option for you to take advantage of next time you are out golfing with friends.

The most efficient way to utilize this device is to use it alongside a Garmin rangefinder device. But on the off chance that you do not have this rangefinder device, the app is not useless to you, it still has viable uses.

Even in the situation where the device is absent, or non-operative, it is still useful for checking the current tournament ongoing and the leaderboards. To access this, you must enter your scores and stats manually.

The manufacturers of this app crafted its design in such a professional way so that the process of providing relevant data like your course statistics and your overall performance is as straightforward as it needs to be.

Using the GPS feature, the courses nearby are available to you in your country for you to get a good look at the layout to get a better preview of the exact course where you are going to be golfing with your friends.

In case you have a competitive spirit,  you can utilize the scoreboard which is great at keeping records of your competition and in tournaments.

There is also the summary tab which gives you credible information on how your overall performance has improved over time.

9. Arccos 360

Arccos Caddie Golf Rangefinder App

Arccos 360 offers one of the best rangefinder apps for golf, especially if you want to track stats and play better. This is the best golf rangefinder app for iphone.

Arccos 360 integrates GPS technology with a computer system that tracks your shots and then syncs it all up via Bluetooth with their app, which is available on both Android and iPhone platforms.
Once they have your data, they give you suggestions on how to improve your game.

If you’re serious about getting better at golf, you might want to consider investing in a rangefinder.
Rangefinders are super helpful if you’re looking to improve your game, and will provide accurate distances to any point on or around a course.

That being said, rangefinders aren’t necessarily cheap (most of them start around $250-$300), so they may not be within everyone’s budget.


These are the best 9 rangefinder apps for golf. I have included apps that are supported in both Android and iPhone. Try a few of these apps. I am sure that you will find the best one as per your need. 

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