Can You Use Your Phone As A Rangefinder

The evolution of mobile phone devices over the years has been consistent and progressive. From the days of less-advanced phones with cell batteries to more modern and trendy iPhones, it is obvious to see that the evolution is evident.

As these mobile devices have become more modern, so has their technology. Most of the mobile phones on the market have been fitted with modern technology to be able to provide solutions to daily tasks and challenges.

Rangefinders are devices used to accurately measure the distance between two targets. For the most part, the measurement of distance during hunting has been restricted to only rangefinders and other devices just like it.

However, with the recent advancement in technology, it is only logical to opt for a more comfortable, portable, and a common device like the mobile phone.

Apart from being incredibly convenient and versatile, these devices are also ubiquitous. You can find them everywhere, and so are guaranteed of not being stranded on your next hunting expedition if you are able to convert your phone to a workable rangefinder.

Can You Use Your Phone As A Rangefinder

Can Your Phone Be A Rangefinder?

The fact that phones are often used as rangefinders is not a closely guarded secret, it is now very well known.

The surplus benefits associated with switching to your mobile phone for your range-finding tasks might just be too much to pass up.

Do they carry out the job of range-finding effectively? Yes, they do. Although one might argue that they may not perform on the same level as actual rangefinders, they are not so far behind.

Before you can enjoy these benefits, you first must install certain apps that will be used in the distance measurement. These apps are referred to as rangefinder apps and are available for Android and IOS.

Irrespective of the kind of phone you use, as long as it runs on at least an average processing capacity, and modern-day software, you should be able to use it as a rangefinder without any hassle.

Can You Use Your iPhone As A Rangefinder?

In recent times, Apple has upgraded the software of newer versions of the iPhone into one of the most sophisticated pieces of mobile phone technology.

As a result of this, the iPhone can be used to measure distances on the golf course or any other sport.

To do this, you will need to utilize the new app called “Measure” that is installed on your iPhone.

This app contains impressive technology that is able to measure the dimension of any object out in the field.

Can You Use Your iPhone As A Rangefinder

How To Use The App “Measure” As Rangefinder

  • Launch the application in order to get started. It usually can be located on your home screen, but if it’s not there, you can utilize the search bar to find it.
  • After launching the app, you will be asked to move your phone around facing different targets so that the Measure app can be properly calibrated.
  • Slowly move your iPhone around until it acknowledges that the calibration is complete and you’re cleared to begin.
  • When this is done, move your iPhone towards the direction of the target that you intend to measure, a visible dot will appear within a circle.
  • Locate a button with a plus sign and begin tapping on it to include the starting point for the measurement.
  • This point will remain fixed to the target in the real world no matter how far you move your iPhone.
  • All you need to do is move your iPhone, it will begin to measure the distance from the fixed point to whatever target is at the center of the dot situated centrally on your screen.

Note that if the target you intend to measure is too far away, you will be asked to select another target a little closer to the fixed point to get an accurate measurement.

It may help for you to move a little closer to the target you want to measure, but not too close so as not to get false measurements for being too close.

You will need to tap the plus button again to select the second anchor point and fix it on the screen. A line will then be drawn between these two anchor points.

Continue this process if you want to measure multiple distances, and have them all recorded on your screen.

Best Apps That Work As A Rangefinder For Your Mobile Phone

These are the apps that work best as rangefinder.

  • Caddieye
  • SkyDroid Golf GPS
  • Spike
  • Golf pad
  • Hole 19
  • Golfshot GPS
  • 18birdies
  • Garmin Golf
  • Arccos 360

You can read our detailed guide on best rangefinder golf app for more informations.

Are There Any Benefits To Using Your Phone As A Rangefinder?

We are all aware of the many benefits that mobile phones possess. We can access powerful technology from our pockets.

Fully grasping the advantages that come with properly utilizing your mobile phone will help you make credible and calculated decisions regarding improving your abilities in sports or hunting in the long run.

Listed below are some benefits you will get from using your phone as a rangefinder;


As we may well know, convenience is paramount in anything we do, even when we are carrying out our favorite tasks like golfing, or any surveillance activities, or hunting.

The mobile phone is one of the most convenient units of technology out there. It can fit right into your pocket and does not require any external support to function effectively.

This and more are part of the benefits you will get from using your phone as a rangefinder. You will have the luxury of using the rangefinder app installed on your phone anywhere you want, and whenever you want.

Although using the traditional rangefinder is also convenient, utilizing your phone as a rangefinder enhances that convenience.


Chances are you already have a mobile phone which will save you the extra cost of having to get one if you decide to replace it with a rangefinder.

Even on the off chance that you do not have one, buying a mobile phone is significantly more affordable than purchasing a rangefinder.

With your mobile phone, all you will need is to install the application and any other accessory device which will help you carry out accurate measurements.

With these in place, you will be able to do the work of a rangefinder with your mobile phone seamlessly.


Mobile phones are extremely portable, they can fit in your pocket and not cause any obstructions, you may even forget it is there. You will enjoy improved portability when you decide to use your phone as a rangefinder. 

You can have it anywhere and at any time, for whatever reason. Because this device can so easily fit into your pocket, you are bound to have a more comfortable and easier time out on the golf course.

Using mobile phones as rangefinders comes with its fair share of benefits and hopefully, this helps you make credible decisions about switching to your mobile phone.

Final words…

There are numerous benefits associated with using a rangefinder among which are some of the reasons why you decided to opt for using your phone as a rangefinder.

Perhaps you’re a newbie in the hunting community trying to capture your first deer, or you are a sportsman looking for how to improve your performance, and you must have heard of the wonders of rangefinders in not only helping you with your hunt or sports game but also providing you with detailed measurements from your position to any hazard ahead of you.

Professionals also have something to gain from rangefinders. It can increase their proficiency by at least 50%.

Whichever your case is, whether you’re a newbie or a professional at either golfing, hunting, or any other long-distance story, these mobile rangefinder apps will make life easier for you.

You will experience enhanced convenience when it comes to distance measurements with the same level of accuracy as with a rangefinder device.

Technology continues to strive to make life easier and more seamless for us. Listen above are efficient apps you can use to turn your phone into an efficient rangefinder.

It’s your job to hop on the bandwagon of technological advancements without any hesitation whatsoever.