Why Are Rangefinders So Expensive

You probably walked into an electronic store to get your first rangefinder. After a series of attempts to improve your golf game has failed, you’ve had enough and have asked your friend for help.

It’s not like you have a terrible swing or anything like that, but you always overestimate or underestimate distance on the golf course.

Your friend told you about using a rangefinder to improve your game, and you finally decided to try it out.

Browsing through the rangefinder shelves at the store and seeing the price tag on each of them causes you to take a step back and question if you really need one of these portable devices in the first place.

Then you ask aloud the only question ringing in your head “why are rangefinders so expensive?”.

Why Are Rangefinders So Expensive

Even if you fully understand the importance of this device, and are dedicated to improving your game, you may still need a viable answer to why these devices sometimes cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

As with many others in the golfing community, I have been there before, and now I can help you understand just exactly why these rangefinders cost a fortune.

In this post, we will look at different rangefinders and the reason for their uncommon price tags.

Why Are Rangefinders Expensive?

T.D Mooring once said, “you only claim a thing is expensive because you do not know its importance”.

And we believe that is a perfect description to the inquiry “why are rangefinders costly?”.

The technology these devices employ to determine and measure the distance of any object on the course is partly the reason for its exorbitant price.

Why Are GPS Rangefinders So Expensive?

Why Are GPS Rangefinders So Expensive

For GPS rangefinder, in order to pinpoint exactly where on the golf course certain objects are, and measure the distance to another location on the course, the rangefinder utilizes a group of satellites that transmits signals that are used to determine the location and distance of the object.

That is not all, with satellite mapping, your GPS rangefinder can provide you with a general overview of the layout of the golf course.

However, this can only be possible if you first download a clear and concise mapping of the entire course on your device.

Although some rangefinders come equipped with the mapping of thousands of golf courses, all you then have to do is select the course you’re on.

If it is not available, you may need to download the mapping from the owner’s website.

Once the course has been loaded on your device, you are provided with the measurement of the distance from your current location to the pin beside each hole on the golf course.

Some types of GPS rangefinders allow you to select any point of the golf course where you want to know the distance.

A very important advantage of using GPS rangefinders is that you can get the information of the distance of any object without pointing the device at that object as it is based on satellite mapping.

Alternatively, you can also use apple watches or phones as rangefinder. There are many free and paid apps available on Google playstore and Apple Appstore.

Why Are Laser Rangefinders So Expensive?

Why Are Laser Rangefinders So Expensive

The technology of the laser rangefinder that is responsible for its pricing is quite different from that of the GPS rangefinder.

This time, the rangefinder uses a beam pointed at the target in order to measure its distance.

The beam is directed towards a target, and the beam is reflected by the target towards the rangefinder.

The time it takes for the reflected beam to get to the rangefinder gives it a value for its distance.

With the help of the inclinometer, some rangefinders are able to recognize the presence of a slope on the golf course.

Also, with the presence of PinSeeker technology, your rangefinder is able to pinpoint the location of the pin and push everything else into the background.

You will no longer have the problem of having to redirect the focus of your rangefinder from the pins to objects in the background.

Laser rangefinders are significantly more affordable than GPS rangefinders. They are also easier and quicker to use.

They give you very accurate readings for at least a couple of yards and can measure the distance between you and any hazard or tree in your way.

Why Are Golf Rangefinders So Expensive?

Why Are Golf Rangefinders So Expensive

In order to take the sport to the next level, technology has been interwoven into every single aspect of the sport.

From video assistants to equipment that helps you improve your game, you are sure of one thing, medieval times are long gone.

Golf has become one of the most popular sports with the largest technological intervention.

Golfers now have watches, launch monitors, apps, rangefinders, etc. to help them to sink more balls in, with significantly fewer strokes.

These rangefinders help golfers get closer to perfection with each swing, with the prospects of sinking more balls in record time.

Now, apart from their obvious importance, why do they cost so much? Many golf rangefinder brands understand the importance of their device, and the quality they are offering, so they place steep price tags on each one of their devices.

Whether they are worth every penny of their overall cost is left for you to decide, but I can tell you with 100% certainty that these devices are crucial if you’re ever going to improve your game.

The general rule of thumb with all devices also applies here, if you want more features and better accuracy, you will need to move up the price scale.

In addition to giving you accurate measurements of your position to obstacles that might be in front of you, these expensive rangefinders are also very durable. They very rarely get faulty, that is if you do not handle them carelessly. Read our article on where to keep your rangefinder.

Why Are Leica Rangefinders So Expensive?

Why Are Leica Rangefinders So Expensive

Anyone who has ever picked up a Leica rangefinder has asked this question in one way or another.

Apart from being an international brand, Leica makes some of the best rangefinders you will get on the market.

After all, they are not referred to as a high-quality rangefinder brand for nothing.

For instance, in the world of automotive, certain brands produce cars that cost way more than cars that can do the same thing from other brands.

There may be cheaper cars with the same speed capacity and general features, but people still opt for the more expensive cars from the popular brands. Is it a brand thing, or is it a question of durability? Well, it is both, and more.

The same happens in the rangefinder world. Some rangefinders made by a select brand cost more than those from another brand.

Leica for instance is known for producing hand-assembled rangefinders, only in limited quantities.

Just the same way fashionistas view the Rolex as a highly coveted watch brand with a limited number, so also golfers and other rangefinder users view the Leica rangefinder.

Apart from the guarantee that you’re holding a rangefinder in limited supply when you buy the Leica rangefinder, they are also known to produce clear distinct images and give a near-perfect measurement of distance.

Why Are Bushnell Rangefinders So Expensive?

Why Are Bushnell Rangefinders So Expensive?

We often erroneously equate price to quality when dealing with devices and appliances. We think that the more pricey a particular device is, the better it can serve us.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When you are purchasing any device, you are also paying for the brand name and the good reputation it has.

For example, if you want to buy an iPhone, you do not only pay for the phone itself, but also for the Apple brand that has over the years built a solid reputation for delivering quality.

So even if you buy an iPhone with a lower version software, it will still cost a lot when compared to phones with more recent software, but from a different brand.

Bushnell is one of the most popular rangefinder manufacturing companies, with several years of goodwill under their belt.

This is why you can trust you are getting just what you paid for with the Bushnell rangefinder along with longevity.

This is why people prefer purchasing a good Bushnell rangefinder whose price is over the top, to a rangefinder by an unknown company that claims their rangefinder possesses exactly the same features as the Bushnell rangefinder.

Is An Expensive Rangefinder Worth It?

It is almost impossible to stress just how important knowing yardage while golfing is in order to improve your game. So, yes they are absolutely worth the extra pennies they cost.

There is a significant difference between playing golf by eye and with a rangefinder.

  • Rangefinders will cause a rapid improvement in your game very quickly, informing you on how far you hit the ball every time.
  • It will help you become strategic about every single swing, shot, and selection of the club to use.
  • Some expensive rangefinders will come with a pin lock feature that will allow you to check just exactly how far away the pin is on the golf course, which will then advise you on the club to use.

This is the difference between some expensive rangefinders and rangefinders at mid-range prices.

So, should you purchase just any rangefinder as long as it is expensive? Absolutely not! Before you purchase just any expensive rangefinder, there are a few things you must consider.

Factors To Consider Before You Buy An Expensive Rangefinder

Now you’re convinced that rangefinders are a necessity to improve your game, there are still some factors to consider before you purchase an expensive rangefinder.

You must have all the facts and weigh them in order to make your decision. Here are some of the necessary factors to consider before buying an expensive device;


This is a pretty obvious factor to consider as it won’t be economically viable to purchase a rangefinder outside your initial budget. You don’t need to break the bank to be able to afford an expensive rangefinder.

So, the first thing you need to take into consideration before you decide to buy that rangefinder is your initial budget. If your budget can only afford a rangefinder in mid-range, then go for it. You still will be able to use it effectively out on the golf course. Our article on best budget friendly rangefinder will definitely help you to pick the right one for your need.

How Frequent You Play

You will agree with me that it doesn’t make any sense to purchase an expensive rangefinder if you don’t golf regularly. If you play as frequently as once a week or more, then you can consider getting the expensive rangefinder.

But if you play as rarely as once a month or less, a rangefinder might not be much help to you. You may even find it difficult to find your swing, using an expensive rangefinder won’t help with that.

The Kind Of Golfer You Want To Be

If you want to take golf seriously, perhaps go pro, then you need to work on your accuracy. Splashing a lot of money on an expensive rangefinder will then make a lot of sense.

But, if you just want to take golf as a hobby that you won’t take very seriously, you may consider buying a device from the mid-range category and not high-end.

In Conclusion…

In this post, we have established the importance of a GPS rangefinder and a laser rangefinder in improving your golf game.

It is important to note that if you are just starting on your golfing journey, then using a rangefinder to measure distance on the court, while simultaneously working on improving your swings is the way to go.

Also, expensive rangefinders do not necessarily equate to quality. You do not need to purchase an expensive device if all you need are high-resolution images, there are rangefinders with not so steep prices that can also offer that.

Although you might not get the additional features that these expensive rangefinders are offering, they offer the rangefinder basics at high quality. If you need more features, and better accuracy then you may opt for the more expensive option.

You must also consider getting professional advice from expert golfers on the exact rangefinder to purchase whether expensive or averagely priced.