Do Rangefinders Measure In Feet

Knowing exactly how far a target is from you just by looking at it directly is almost an impossibility.

There have been several inventions aimed at solving this problem, but perhaps none on the level of rangefinders.

Luckily, you no longer have to use long tapes to measure how far out a particular target is, and perhaps disrupt the purpose of the measurement.

When it comes to distance measurements,  rangefinders have become a household name among professionals like hunters, sportsmen, soldiers, etc.

But, how do these distance measurement devices work? For laser rangefinders, they measure distance by transmitting laser beams with electromagnetic pulses embedded in them.

These beams reflect on the target in view and return to the device for measurement.

Do Rangefinders Measure In Feet

Do Rangefinders Measure In Feet

Depending on the country the company producing the rangefinder is in, these devices could measure distance in either meters, yards, or feet.

This helps the user understand the device and its measurement so much easier. For example, American rangefinder companies originally manufacture their devices with feet as the default unit of distance measurement.

For instance, Bushnell rangefinders are one of the most popular rangefinders on the American market measuring distance in feet.

This measuring device, and others like it, helps American professionals using this device to quickly familiarize themselves with the metric system of the rangefinder, and not have to bother about converting it to the unit they are most comfortable with.

Let’s face it, hunters, out in the forest won’t have the time or resources to convert to feet from meters, inches, or yards.

Are There Other Units Of Measurements For Rangefinders?

Just as we have established, different companies producing rangefinders use different units to measure distance in their device.

Apart from feet, they are other units that you can read off a rangefinder.

For instance, some rangefinders utilize yards or meters as their default measurement unit when measuring long distances.

Apart from the ease and simplicity in using any particular unit compared to others, certain units are often preferred to others because of other measurement devices that they may be used with.

Using one device in meters, and another in feet may become confusing and may lead to unwanted mistakes.

You must constantly keep in mind the difference in the various measurement units. Although they are not very popular, many rangefinders also measure distance in inches.


Rangefinders are incredible tools that help you calculate the distance between your position and a target in front of you. Read our article on line of sight.

You must use the rangefinder that measures in the unit that you are familiar with to avoid unnecessary complications. If you are not afforded that luxury, ensure you convert to the appropriate unit accurately.

If you are having difficulty with converting to your preferred unit, or to the unit that corresponds with your other measurement device, you may consider using rangefinders that are equipped with double scales, that is with both feet and meters.

Although these rangefinders are a tad more pricey, they could save you a lot of stress.

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