Does The Mandalorian Have A Rangefinder

So you’re a fan of Star Wars? I mean that is the only reason you would think about why the Mandalorians have or don’t have a rangefinder. Let’s talk a little bit about who the Mandalorians are, the Mandalorians are ancient warriors from Star Wars folklore. They are a human warrior clan from the planet Mandalore.

Does the Mandalorian have a rangefinder

Mandalorian Armor And Helmet

Mandalorians typically wear an armor called the Mandalorian armor, the armor has the helmet feature shaped like a screen or a visor that covers their faces and Mandalorians wear their helmets every time. It is considered a sacred duty of a warrior.

The armor was made from a very strong metal in the entire galaxy, the metal is called Beskar or Mandalorian iron. This strong alloy has a very high resistance to varied forms of damages, which is the main reason the Mandalorian armor is made with this material.

The traditional Mandalorian armor comprises the signature and sacred helmet, vambraces, breastplate, knee pads, codpiece, shoulder pauldrons, and a shin and thigh guard. The shin and thigh guards are traditionally secured with the soldier’s bodystocking.

The helmet shaped like a visor or a face shield has some very important features that aid the soldier, the features include; a comlink, a strategic heads-up screen display.

The helmet also has a macro-binocular view plate and an antenna equipped with a rangefinder that has the capacity to enhance an image when the rangefinder is pulled across the view plate. The rangefinder can even be re-programmed to take shots of targets and images.      

Does The Mandalorian Have A Rangefinder

From the description of what their helmet and armor consist above, you must know by now that the Mandalorians do have rangefinders and they utilize them to enhance strategies and tactics.

The helmet and in fact the armor in its entirety is not only highly resistant to damages but it is equipped and armed with technological abilities that make the Mandalorians both feared and revered.

The rangefinder on the antenna is further enhanced by the helmet’s amazing magnifying/telescopic zoom lens and distance to target or object measuring ability.

When a Mandalorian needs to zoom in or enhance the image of an object or a target, you would find them flipping the antenna of the helmet over their view plates and the image of the object is honed in.

This helmet has a bunch of other amazing abilities and having a rangefinder is just one aspect of it. But for the purpose of this article, the Mandalorians do have a rangefinder, it is a feature equipped in their helmet and it has proved to be very useful to the Mandalorian warriors time and again.

The Mandalorian helmet will not be complete without the functions of the rangefinder. The armor will also not be what we know it to be because it is a very important feature to the warriors.

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