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What does LoS Mean on a Rangefinder

LoS is an acronym for line of sight; line of sight is a straight line along the field of vision of an observer, a line of sight has to be free of obstructions to be considered a line of sight.

Where Do You Keep Your Rangefinder

A lot of rangefinder owners would worry about the storage safety of their rangefinders and in this article, we are going to be looking at some basic guidelines to help assuage your fears and worries.

Can You Bring A Rangefinder On A Plane

So I want to assume this question is being asked because of security protocols like; will the rangefinder go through the Transportation Security Administration or TSA?

How Do Rangefinders Work – Know The Basic Science Behind It!

Rangefinders are devices used to measure the distance between the target and the observer using a ‘ranging’ process. Ranging is used to describe distance measurement in relation to moving objects. Most ranging methods would take time travel measurements into consideration, that is, the time difference between different signals that are received is used to calculate …

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