What Does The Rangefinder Do In Wildlands

Wildlands is a popular coinage from Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. Ghost recon wildland is a video game that is built and published by Ubisoft.

The wildland game is just another game in the ghost recon game series. The game is a third-person tactical shooting video game, it features several different environments including, forests, deserts, mountains, and salt flats.

The game has an open world characteristic that has a storyline view of the third person’s perspective, although it has the option of using a first-person view when the person is trying to achieve a better shooting aim.   

Rangefinders in Wildlands         

What Does The Rangefinder Do In Wildlands

The ghost recon wildlands games have some high-tech equipment that is installed with rangefinders, some of them are drones, binoculars, and guns.

Many gamers expected the rangefinder functions in the wildlands to operate the same way a rangefinder would in the real world, that is, measure the distance of the target and even provide a target point for better aiming and shooting.

However, the game enthusiasts soon discovered that although the rangefinder in the guns of this game provided range to the gun, it does not give range to the target.

Gamers also noticed a reduction in bullet drops, the reduction is a slight one but it is something.

On one hand, I can understand the frustrations of the gamers because what is the point of having all a rangefinder if one is not going to explore its fullest potential.

However, on the other hand, it is a game and it is primarily built and intended to be challenging. What then is the point if the game is going to provide you with a gun and a rangefinder that does all the heavy lifting for you?

There is some sort of appeal to a challenging game and a rangefinder that does everything it is supposed to will make the game way too easy and the challenge and fun will be diminished.

I know some gamers will not be happy to hear this but chin up and look on the bright side, at least the rangefinder increases the range of the gamer which invariably means that there is a reduction in the rate of bullet drops.

The game also has rangefinders that do the same thing in its drones and binoculars. Essentially, what a rangefinder does in the ghost recon wildlands is to provide stat modifications, the rangefinder offers an improved stat modification.

You will eventually come to realize that a lot of the weapon accessories are for stat modifications. What you do with the information provided to you as the gamer is entirely up to you.    

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