What does the Rangefinder do in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a video game, it is an online multiple-player game designed and built by Bungie. The game was initially designed to be a paid-for game but it is now free but it can only be played online.

Destiny 2 is a follow-up game story to the original destiny game. The game is a very fun game that has transcended time and age. It is free to play on both consoles and PCs.

What does the Rangefinder do in Destiny 2

However, also has payable features that are generally regarded as expansion features. Players who would most likely tilt towards using the paid expansion feature are players who are more interested in engaging in missions and long storylines.

The game is a first shooter game although it is a multi-player game and some of the stories can accommodate up to six players.

The activities in the game are separated into two and they are the player versus player or PvP and the player versus the environment or PvE. The game features several story missions that are quite basic yet intriguing and they do not need the paid expansion feature.

The PvE version of the game has 3-player strikes, dungeons, and a 6-player raiding mission. The game also features a free mode that allows the player to roam around or patrol and explorations as well as some forms of interactions with other non-players.

If you are a fan of the game then you should that that essentially, the game involves players becoming guardians of the last safe city on Earth. The players use a form of power called Light to protect the last safe city from aliens and the darkness that threatens the city.

Destiny has a 3-character class, each of the classes has its own individual upgrades, abilities, perks, and another 3-subclass that would allow the players to hone their characters to perfectly embody the style and tune they desire their characters to be.

The 3 classes I talked about include Titan, Hunter, and Warlock. When a player selects from any of the three classes they would also have to pick from a standard three species type in the game and they include; Exo/Humanoid machines, Humans, or Awoken or descendants of humans with bluish-gray skins. These species are used to build the character of the players.

What does the Rangefinder do in Destiny 2

Characters in Destiny 2 are usually equipped with full-body armor and Hi-Tech weapons, their guns are even equipped with rangefinders and the whole purpose of this article is to identify what the rangefinder does in the game.

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding this and I hope this article is able to give you more clarity about it.

Many Destiny 2 enthusiasts have mentioned that the perk of the rangefinder increases the range and the zoom of the game by 5%, some say it is 10%, while others have claimed it is by 20%.

What the rangefinder actually does in Destiny 2 is to enhance the zoom or the magnification ability of the gun’s aim and this invariably means that the gun can shoot at a longer or further range.

The misunderstandings come from the different percentage increase many players seem to have mixed up.

When a character in the game is using a shotgun, the rangefinder gives it an added 10% range or zoom, every other weapon gets a 20% added zoomed-in range.           

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