Does the Super Hogster have a Rangefinder

The Super Hogster is one of the models in the Hogster lineup. All the models in the Hogster series have stadia-metric rangefinders, including the Super Hogster.

The Super Hogster is the best model amongst the Hogster lineup because it has one of the best and widest ranges with 384×288.

It has a twelve-micron thermal and inbuilt video recorder, it has an optics magnification of about 2.9x, it has several reticles style including three BDC reticles and PIP or picture in picture.

Does the Super Hogster have a Rangefinder

The Super Hogster is superior to the Hogster-R 25, 35, and the Hogster-C, the Super Hogster may have the same lens and body as the Hogster-R 35 but the manufacturers increased the magnification from 2x to approximately the 3x magnification of the Super Hogster model.

The picture in picture or PIP feature allows the user to have a 2x magnified view of the main image which would usually mean the user has a view of about 5.8x.

The Super Hogster has eight reticles, this is double the standard number of reticles on the other models, four of the reticles function by retaining their sizes when the scope is zoomed in digitally, while the other for reticles increase their sizes when the scope is zoomed in.

This is especially a good feature to have for shooting or aiming at distant ranges. The image produced by the Super Hogster is very impressive for a 384×288 thermal resolution, it has an amazing background detailing, and even with the increased magnification, the image quality is still impressive.

Whether the Super Hogster is removed or upholstered back onto the gun it almost always maintains a return-to-zero return and it has a smooth zeroing process.

The FOV or the field of view of the Super Hogster is 7.5 degrees, it does not have an audio recorder, it is the only model in the Hogster lineup that has Wi-Fi integration and a Compass and Inclinometer.

It has twelve microns and even with its digital zoom, the image created on the Super Hogster has great quality. The Super Hogster has superior long and medium-range measurements, aiming, and shooting.

Does the Super Hogster have a Rangefinder

So to answer the question posed by this article; does the Super Hogster have a rangefinder? Yes, it does have a rangefinder.

The rangefinder option is capable of calculating and measuring the distances of animals because let us be honest, the Super Hogster is primarily used for hunting. However, the ranging ability of this device is only able to estimate the distances of animals with known size.             

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