WM Bishop

Wm Bishop is a hunting enthusiast and archery player. He likes to write articles related to hunting to help others. In this blog, he writes articles on rangefinders as he has vast knowledge on the gadget.

Does Snow Affect Rangefinder

Have you ever been out hunting in the snow? The cold, fleeting breeze gently brushing against your skin, sparkling ice crystals falling off the swaying trees and the faint cry of animals searching for shelter away from the icy cold.

What Is HCD On A Rangefinder

Horizontal component distance is the distance measured between you and your target when there is no angle of incline or decline and you are on an equal plane.

Do Rangefinders Work In Fog

The cold months are upon us. And accompanying the cold, gloomy days is fog, thick enough to obscure vision and hinder readability.

Do Rangefinders Work At Night

This question may have come up once or twice before your routine hunting expeditions at night. No doubt, rangefinders are indispensable tools to use during the day for activities like surveying, golfing with friends, etc. but what about at night? Will a rangefinder work in poor light? Can we still trust these distance measurement devices …

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What Rangefinder Does The Military Use

If you are a rangefinder enthusiast, then you must have wondered the type of high-end rangefinder the military uses and I bet you must have been slightly intimidated by the idea of it.