Do Rangefinders Work In Fog

The cold months are upon us. And accompanying the cold, gloomy days is fog, thick enough to obscure vision and hinder readability.

Laser rangefinders have become increasingly popular in the hunting community as a near-perfect tool for measuring the distance from one point to the other, a lot faster, and more accurately.

Using Laser Rangefinders In Fog

One very common and obvious problem with laser rangefinders is their reduced effectiveness in fog.

As we have stated, fog significantly reduces your visibility, preventing you from having a clear view of any target feet in front of you.

But that is not all it does.

Fog can also hinder your rangefinder from getting clear and concise readings.

Does that mean the season of hunting with rangefinders will be officially over? Will the fog prevent you from carrying out your favorite activities with your rangefinder? Hopefully not.

Do Rangefinders Work In Fog

Laser Rangefinders On Misty Days

Rangefinders have become more advanced over the years. Equipped with features that are best suited for the different times and seasons, and will help you get an acceptable distance measurement in the presence of light fog.

  • Setting your rangefinder to “Farthest Mode” will increase the chances of your device being able to get a measurement.
  • After your device has been set to this mode, you will need to monitor it to see if it picks up anything from targets further away.
  • If it does, it will record the farthest distance.

Many experts use the features of these devices under heavy rain conditions that may otherwise completely obscure visibility.

Guidelines For Using Laser Rangefinders In Foggy Weather

Although in the presence of very thick fog, laser rangefinders may not be able to get accurate readings on very long distances and this may disrupt whatever activity you’re currently engaged in.

However, if the fog situation is not that severe, there are a couple of things you can do to improve the use of rangefinders in this condition and prevent your rangefinder from being affected by fog.

They include;

  • Ensure you keep the fire button pressed down a little longer than usual, in order to let the rangefinder fire multiple signals which will improve its accuracy. Different signals will give different readings, and it is up to you to decide which is more accurate.
  • When you use the rangefinder in light fog conditions, ensure you keep the rangefinder set on “Farthest Mode”. This is to prevent your rangefinder from giving you just readings from a short distance. Therefore, using the rangefinder in this mode will increase the chances of the rangefinder picking up a near accurate reading.
  • You must be very careful and stealthy when handling the rangefinder in light fog conditions. While some rangefinders come equipped with equipment like the staff to ensure a steady measurement, others do not, and you must ensure to hold it steady during the whole process.

Characteristic Of Fog Resistant Rangefinders

Some rangefinders are relatively better suited for poor weather conditions than others as a result of certain features and accessories they come with.

This is why it is pertinent to carefully study the features of any rangefinder you may want to purchase before actually doing it, to know if it is suited for use in foggy conditions.

Generally, the effect of fog and smog on rangefinders is more significant than that of any other weather condition.

To curb this, most modern rangefinders now include fog or smog mode that improves it significantly, although we all know they are not miracle workers.

The last thing you want is to purchase a rangefinder that is only suited for bright sunny days and try to use it to measure in light fog conditions.

So, what are the characteristics of these fog-friendly rangefinders? They include;


As you may have guessed,  the structure or build of your rangefinder is very important in determining how useful it will be out on foggy days.

A rangefinder perfect for these weather conditions must be durable enough to withstand the conditions and prevent irreparable damage.


This particular feature of your rangefinder is perhaps is the most important when it comes to using it in foggy weather conditions.

To have a successful hunting experience despite the fog, opt for rangefinders with long-distance range. Also, it is advisable for you to use different units when measuring different distances.


While it may be tempting to give up all hope on distance measurement during foggy weather conditions, these unique techniques and rangefinder features listed above can make all the difference.

Additionally, ensure you have a proper understanding of all the intricate features and accessories of the rangefinder to be able to use it effectively.

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